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HI Announces The HI-5ives!

The best hostels in the world

Hostelling International HI-5ive AwardsHostelling International (HI) is the only global network of Hostel Associations and we are pleased to announce the best hostels in the world according to our customers! Our annual meeting for hostel managers has just taken place in Cologne, Germany and as part of that meeting, our prestigious HI-5ives! Awards ceremony took place to celebrate the top hostels in the HI network.

Hostellers who left ratings on the website hihostels.com during 2011 have now had their say and awards have been handed out in the following five categories: friendliest hostel, green hostel, most comfortable hostel, best overall hostel and best hostel country.

At the ceremony Mikael Hansson, CEO of Hostelling International added ‘These awards are a great opportunity for us to celebrate the very best in the HI network, but in essence it is a chance to reflect on the great work that all hostel managers and their teams manage to achieve wherever they are in the world, that is to help people of all ages and nationalities to enjoy the experience of global travel that goes beyond just sleeping in a bed’.

The results of the HI-5ives! Hostel awards are as follows:

Best Hostel 2012: Lerwick Hostel, Scotland

The most prestigious award of ‘Best Hostel’ is given to the hostel with the highest overall rating in all categories. Located off the northern edge of Scotland, on the Shetland Isles, Lerwick Hostel (also known as Isleburgh House) was voted best hostel in Europe last year and has gone one better by scooping the ‘Best Hostel’ award two years running. HI customers love its location, with close proximity to local amenities, the beautiful grand mansion house with fabulous views and the friendly and efficient staff. Lerwick Hostel Manager Dale Smith said of the award, ‘we are so over the moon and so pleased to hear we are the Best Hostel for the second year running. Now, we are going for the hatrick!’.

Friendliest Hostel 2012: WIKI Hostel, Italy and Florence Tavarnelle, Italy

Tavarnelle - Florence HostelHI can virtually guarantee you a friendly smile whenever you are welcomed to a HI hostel but this award goes to an outstanding effort in this category. This year, there are two joint winners – WIKI Hostel and Florence Tavarnelle, both located in Italy. Florence Tavarnelle offers guests accommodation in one of the most beautiful and famous regions of Italy, and is within close proximity of local amenities. Guests commented on the team’s ability to go above and beyond for the guests, making it a very welcoming and enjoyable stay. Similarly, guests who stayed at the WIKI Hostel commented on the team’s ability to make all guests ‘feel at home’ and ensure every visitor has a stay to remember and cherish.

Most Comfortable Hostel 2012: Utano Youth Hostel, Kyoto, Japan

This super-modern hostel is located in central Japan and features it’s very own Japanese bath, which is a hit with HI guests! Customers also highly rate the spacious feel of the hostel, comfortable furnishing and a peaceful atmosphere in a quiet neighbourhood. Hostel Kyoto is also conveniently close to sites of interest such as temples and museums.

Green Hostel 2012: HI Boston, USA

2012 is the first year that the HI have introduced the ‘green’ award, rewarding the hostel that customers value as the most environmentally friendly and ‘green’ efficient. HI Boston scooped the award having recently participated in Sustainable Travel Internationals’ STEP program and taking steps to ensure that the building and its operations are as sustainable as they can be whilst also running an eco-program that affords staff and guests the opportunity to become “better stewards of the earth and its resources”.

Best Hostel Country 2012 – Bosnia & Herzegovina

The network of hostels in Bosnia & Herzegovina have pulled in the best ratings overall for a single destination. A nation about half the size of Portugal, tiny Bosnia & Herzegovina is a natural wonderland packed with variety. There are emerald-green river canyons, snow-covered peaks, rolling green pasturelands and there is even a small slice of sunny coast along the Adriatic in the south.

All award categories were based on ratings received during a 12 month period, from 1st November 2011 to 31st October 2012. During those 12 months, a minimum of 5 customer ratings on average per month was required to qualify. A hostel can only win one award category each year.

Congratulations to everyone!

Tell us what you think … which is your most favourite hostel in the HI network?

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