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Free Bikes for Discovering Celje in Slovenia

Free Bikes for discovering Celje

Hostel Celje in Slovenia was opened in 2010 and was welcomed into the HI network soon after in 2011. Celje is an ecologically orientated hostel that has the local city myths and legends incorporated thorughout the rooms for all to see. Just take a look at our Fake Hisstory – Hostel Celje article. Klemen Sagadin is the hostel manager of this wonderful hostel and has recently provided a great initiative for recycling old bikes for guests to discover the city of Celje for free.

Klemen told us …

Since our hostel is small in a small town, we decided to give our guests the opportunity of renting bikes and discovering the city for free. We contacted people from our city via the internet and radio, inviting them to donate their old bikes to us.

Celje Bike donation

The bikes that were in good shape we were able to use while the bikes that were too badly damaged  we took care of with the help of our local waste company so that they didn’t end up in rivers or the local countryside. We painted the bikes green and now lend them to our guests and also local residents out of season.  Our latest uinitiative is to include advertising on our bikes from small, local advertisers.

Free Bikes with advertising

So it s a win win situation for everybody! We get bikes that nobody wants anymore; visitors to Celje Hostel have access to a free bike to explore this beautiful city and local businesses can advertise during the year on bikes that are on the move almost every day in the season!

Celje Hostel Manager

We just love recycling and think this is an excellent initiative! If you would like to find out more or book your stay checkout our Celje Hostel page here!

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