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Five Budget-Friendly Watering Holes to Hit in Europe This Summer

So it’s finally here! You’re European bound! Destined to rock through so many countries your Eurorail Pass catches fire and burns a hole in that dorky neck wallet mom made you buy (thank god!).

But there’s something you’re going to figure out in-between all the amazing discoveries that lay in wait. After trying to make the guards smile at Buckingham or seeing how far you can spit off the Eiffel Tower, you’ll be standing amid the architectural glory of some stunning European city and ask yourself,

“Where can I get a cheap drink in this town???”

It’s not always easy, especially considering the jacked-up prices in tourist districts, the fluctuating exchange rates, and the fact that you lost most of your funds in that dreadful neck wallet fire…

…but luckily, Party Earth has a few budget-minded choices across top Euro destinations just for you, including pubs in London that won’t pilfer your pounds, bars in Paris that won’t send you into fits of prayer, and dives in Barcelona that will require a good bit of work before they break the bank.

the rocket in london

James Bond would describe the beer at this rowdy King’s Cross staple as “cheap, dangerously cheap,” and it probably wouldn’t take long before dapper 007 was swinging from the tasselled lamps above the bar thanks to the pub’s never-ending array of drink specials. Proximity to several universities ensures the venue’s scattered sofas are almost always taken over by fun-loving students, while lots of pub games and loud pop music keep the vibe primed for partying hard.

the fifth bar in paris

Although the venue’s name isn’t exactly creative – it’s located in the 5th Arrondissement – the amount of high-spirited entertainment packed into this tiny Irish watering hole practically breaks the space-time continuum. Beer pong, constantly rotating themes, live bands, sports, and more can be found here, all of which can be enjoyed amid a chaotic décor that includes a totally random mishmash of jumbled junk (and that’s being nice!). And all of which can be enjoyed over some of the cheaper drinks in town.

cafe sound garden in amsterdam

There’s no doubt that this gritty bar is the definition of a dive, but if you want ridiculously budget-friendly beer in Amsterdam, it doesn’t get much better. The paint is chipping from the walls and the tattered sofas haven’t been cleaned since the bubonic plague swept through town, but it’s easy to make new friends over pool, foosball, and pinball and the crowd of tatted-up regulars are known for being one helluva friendly bunch of punks. Nightly live music and DJs are all about hard rock, which when paired with some hard drinking makes it hard not to have a fantastic time at the Garden.

manchester ravel

Discover what lots of UK expats in Barcelona already know: Manchester Raval is a tiny but terrific drinking den for loud British tunes, sultry Mancunian décor (it’s a word, we checked), and loads of happy conversation buoyed by €1 beers (that’s not a typo, we checked). A great place to meet new friends, it won’t be long before you’re cozying up on the mismatched cushions with fellow budget-minded drinkers and planning how to free climb the Temple de la Sagrada Familia after last call. We suggest you don’t. And no, taunting a hippo at the Barcelona Zoo isn’t a good backup plan either!

palm beach in berlin

Wary U.S. visitors may think Berlin’s Palm Beach is a lot like the eponymous town in Florida. And it’s true that the tropical décor of palm trees and beach-scene murals seek to channel the famed coastal retreat, but thankfully the median age of revelers at this hopping bar is somewhere in the 20s, not the 60s. Add to that a long list of delicious fruity cocktails served up during a Happy Hour so long it borders on ridiculous – from 6pm–5am DAILY!!! – and in all honesty, you’d find us there even if it DID mean sharing a Mai Tai with grandpa.

If you’re looking for a place to stay while you’re partying in these great cities, we have great hostels in all five cities: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Manchester.

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