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Italian Hostels Get Creative with the Osthello Musica Project

Osthello Musica Project
Osthello Musica Project

If you’re interested in music then you may be interested to know that some of our hostels in Italy are involved in the Osthello Musica project, a joint venture between Italian Youth Hostels (AIG Hostels) and the Italian Department of Youth (Dipartimento della Gioventu). This partnership is to encourage young people to take more interest in music and to help develop their skills and creativity in a practical way.


Regia Osthello Musica

Hostels are a perfect location for the Osthello project as they naturally attract young people, encourage a lively community spirit and also provide an ideal meeting place for the internationally reputable tutors who are invited to share their music and instrument knowledge with the students. So far, the music project has been rolled out to two hostels – San Sisto in Bologna and the Mario Spagnoli hostel in Perugia. At these hostels you’ll find musical clinics, seminars and recording sessions with an emphasis on people having fun, sharing their knowledge and building on their community creativity.

The Osthello Musica Project has only been live for a few months and already the hostels have seen a huge interest in people wanting to take part. The music facilities are being used daily and feedback from people staying at the hostels show they love having these music resources on their doorstep.

Following on from the success, the project has been extended to include other activities at additional Hostelling International hostels: a cinema at the Florence and Cagliari hostels; a theatre at Genova and Naples hostels; Visual arts in Matera and soon to be opened – journalism in the Trieste hostel.


Hostel Art Festival
Hostel Art Festival

If you would like any further information about Osthello Musica Project, how to get involved or perhaps to stay at one of the hostels, please either contact one of the hostels directly or AIG Italian Youth Hostels.

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