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Santiago de Compostela Attractions

catedral de santiago (Santiago de Compostela)

Santiago de Compostela is in the province of La Coruna, and the capital of Galicia. The old centre of town has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you’re looking to visit this beautiful town, then here are some places to visit and attractions to see while you are there.

Places to see in Santiago de Compostela

The Cathedral of Santiago is a Catholic church that became a major pilgrimage destination in Europe during the Middle Ages. The cathedral is the final destination for visitors along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela (The Way of St. James), a collection of pilgrimage routes across Europe that for the last thousand years have brought pilgrims to this holy place. The cathedral is the reputed burial place of St. James, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ.

The Pilgrimage Museum is a monographic museum that shows the importance of the cult of Santiago and its development that took place during the height of the Middle Ages. It is divided into eight rooms where images, objects and documents illustrate to the visitor the origins of the cult of St James, and the starting and growing phenomenon of pilgrimages.

Obradoiro Square is at the heart of Santiago de Compostela. Its name refers to the workshop (obradoiro in Galician) of masons who worked on the square during the construction of the Cathedral. In its centre is the kilometer 0 of all roads to Santiago. The surrounding buildings are examples of different architectural styles: the east, the Baroque facade of the Cathedral, the Museum on your right and the Palace of Gelmírez on your left. Also close by are the Rajoy Palace, the Hostal de los Reyes Católicos and the College of St. Jerome.

Places to eat in Santiago

RESTAURANTE DOS REIS is a fancy restaurant, located in the interior of the Parador de los Reyes Católicos. With an exclusive atmosphere, here you can taste wonderful local dishes. Although the specialty is seafood and rice dishes, the menu also features other popular regional dishes.

ALAMEDA is located in the city center and is open daily. The restaurant has its own nursery and a cozy terrace perfect for summer use. Its specialties are seafood, pork with turnip greens, octopus á feira and delicious homemade desserts.

Tarta de Santiago is the traditional Galician cuisine but originally from Santiago de Compostela. It can be purchased from almost all bakeries in the towns and areas of Galicia, especially during July and the first week of August, since July 25 is St. James day. The main ingredients of Tarta de Santiago are almonds, sugar and eggs.

Consider going for tapas at ABRIGADOIRO, EL GATO NEGRO or LA BODEGUILLA DE SAN ROQUE. Also AS DUAS DE SEMPRE, better known as “As Duas,” where you can taste original tapas while enjoying the atmosphere of the concerts and storytellers who work there.

Santiago nightlife

In ATLANTIC PUB you will find a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and is regularly the meeting place for Galician actors including Luis Tosar and Miguel Delira. If you prefer Celtic and folk music, CASA DAS CRECHES is the place where you can find live performances with a capacity of 50 people. Some interesting pubs are the PUB MODUS VIVENDI, old stables, or MOMO PUB. MALAS PECORAS offers unique decor with great music, while MIUDO is a cozy bar, perfect for long nights of chatting with friends.

If you’re looking for more of a party atmosphere, LA RADIO offers electronic music and RUTA nightclub offers two-floors of pop-rock and electro.

Travelling around Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela has 24 bus lines serving the city and surrounding areas. In addition it also has a metropolitan transportation system with its local communities, funded by the Junta de Galicia.

Santiago Airport, better known as Lavacolla Airport is located just outside and is connected to the city of Santiago through the A54 motorway. The bus is a popular choice from Santiago airport, with services from 6.50am to 23.30pm, all arriving at the bus station in Santiago, Teixeiro Doutor street in the heart of the city.

Santiago Hostel

When you come to Santiago we recommend our Hostel Monte do Gozo, a complex with an area of ​​600,000 square meters, only three kilometers away from the Cathedral of Santiago. It is located at the final stage of the french route of the “Camino de Santiago”. From here, pilgrims can make out the Cathedral towers for the first time.

Address: Carretera de Santiago – Aeropuerto Km 3, 15820 – Santiago de Compostela.

Telephone: 981791005 Mail: albergue.gandario@xunta.es

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