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Mexican Caribbean Paradise had to start somewhere

Cancun - Mexican Caribbean Paradise

By the end of the 1960’s the Mexican government noticed tourism was growing faster and becoming more profitable than exporting goods, Acapulco was the top notch place to go in Mexico but the country was meant to offer much more. Government and investors were interested in having different sites to attract tourism in Mexico and two backpacker style men had this mission. A place with perfect location for resorts, amazing beaches, easy-to-reach area in between the Caribbean coast and seven lagoon bodies, similar water temperature during the whole year, indigenous cultural roots and archaeological sites was the one… they found it!

There was no track about a seven-shaped deserted island in the Yucatan Peninsula by the 1960’s and finding it meant a dream come true. Fancy, touristic, Americanized, amazing blue beach magazine-style-views, rude, eclectic, noisy… you name it… still Cancun remains as the number one touristic point in Mexico and this article is meant to defend our city!

While writing this article, I recall a Brussels’ guide map I got while backpacking the city last summer. Its intention was clear enough. They didn’t want tourists just to fell in love with waffles and the Manneken Pis; they presented the city as they believed it was in an alternative and harsh way, “love it or walk away” kind of and it worked out perfectly for me. Still feeling the necessity of eating a classic waffle and trying to walk in between the tons of people around the famous statue, I’m glad I bumped in with the immigration factor, the huge amount of different beers, the zip-line at the top of the Atomium and the squats’ scene. And this is how I want to present Cancun.

In the backpackers’ scene, Cancun is something to be loved or missed. Definitely it is a place with a huge and beautiful beach area surrounded by big resorts and the starting point for travelers willing to enjoy the young and party atmosphere in Playa del Carmen, the laid-back and eco-friendly Tulúm, the scuba dive paradise in Cozumel and the colonial and cultural Mérida. What else?

We shouldn’t forget Cancun has 3 different archaeological sites where a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere welcomes you. Some exercise? Cancun hosts marathons and sports’ events such as Ironman and develops a bicycling, skate rolling and jogging atmosphere along the hotel’s boulevard. Entertainment… party at the impressive and huge night clubs or enjoy a beer at a downtown bar whilst listening to jazz, rock or reggae music. Local food at Parque Las Palapas where families and friends meet and local artisans present their works. Meet a local and be lucky enough to be invited to their neighborhood’s party where streets are closed and food never ends. Bungee jump right next to the sea, try the Tequila Museum… try staying at Hostel Mundo Joven Cancun where people book for one night and end up staying longer!

I want you to fall in love with Cancun’s blue sea but I also want you to experience Cancun’s mixture of people society and give us a try to change your idea of what the city has to offer.

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Please feel free to share with us your own personal paradise!

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