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At HI New York, a Cathedral to Travel Grows in a Former Chapel

When Richard Morris Hunt designed a home for the Association for Respectable Aged Indigent Women in the early 1880’s, he might not have envisioned its repurposing as a hostel 100 years later. Now, in the extension of the building that once housed its chapel, a proverbial temple of backpacking is emerging as our partner organizations host events for travel bug communities on an almost weekly basis.

Last month, Eastern Mountain Sports and The North Face hosted their first ever joint event in the chapel, featuring photographer Tim Kemple and world-renowned mountaineer Conrad Anker. After Kemple showed some of his work and Anker discussed some of the challenges of fixing a tent at elevations that would make anyone dizzy, they stuck around to answer questions and sign posters. When asked for a show of hands as to how many folks in the crowd had hostelled in the past, nearly the entire crowd rose their hands.

Earlier this month our monthly collaboration with Tripfilms.com continued with the Tripfilms Festival: Holiday Film edition. Tripfilms, a supporting partner of the Nomading Film Festival last summer at HI New York, has been curating a series of monthly travel shorts.

January 28th will see the first ever Slideluck Potshow (slideshow+potluck) coming to Hostelling International. Founded by photographer Casey Kelbaugh, “Slideluck” is an opportunity to see world-class photography from National Geographic, The New York Times, Reuters, Magnum and other prestigious agencies alongside home cooking from attendees. The theme is “Adventure!” Get your cameras ready and submit! For more information, visit Slideluck Potshow in the coming weeks for submission information.

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