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YHA School Trips and Activities

If you’re still at school or even at college, you’ll be pleased to know that YHA England & Wales have just launched their ‘School Trips Campaign’ aimed at people just your age. Not only that, but they plan to welcome over 1 million children on a YHA school trip by 2014 so as you can imagine, there are some excellent incentives on offer!

School Trip Incentives

School packages start from only £49 per child which includes a 2-night stay in a YHA England & Wales hostel, all meals and all day and evening activities linked to the National Curriculum. YHA School trips can also help to fund places for financially disadvantaged children so that no one needs to get left behind. Good news for teachers too … you don’t have to pay anything at all!

Fun and Inspiring Activities

These great value, low-cost trips help get children out of the classroom and into the great outdoors, a fun and natural learning environment for everyone. So whether you’re in Primary school looking to fight for Rome, Secondary school performing your first concert or at College looking to spend the night somewhere amazing, there is something here for everyone. Click on the following images to see what adventure awaits you at YHA England & Wales!

YHA School Trips for CollegesYHA School Trips for Secondary Schools

School Trips for Primary Schools




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