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What to wear in South East Asia

by Jay Galvin

South East Asia is one of the most popular destinations for young enthusiastic travellers. The area boasts historical landscapes and architecture, breathtaking ocean views and mountainous terrain as well as low cost day-to-day living; people who are serious about seeing the world and learning about new cultures should visit here at least once in their life. Places like Thailand are respected religious countries and a thought in what to wear is more of importance than you might originally think. Especially if you plan on visiting the South of Thailand and Malaysia.

To show your arms and legs in shorts is seen as a sign of disrespect to the local community in Thailand and will surely single you out as a tourist in their country. Most countries will have people who pray on tourists whether its with higher shop prices or inappropriate propositions, so blending in is not only polite but could help to increase your enjoyment of the experience.

So what do you wear to make you look fabulous and cause no offence while away?

For a quick solution to cover up then a scarf is ideal for this. Go for cotton scarves as they breathe easily in the absolute heat of South East Asia.  They are great to cover arms, shoulders and your head, ideal for temples and anything that has Buddha on display as a sacred representation.

Pices Electra Soft Scarf – £7 www.asos.com

Long, loose fitting trousers are ideal too. Cinched in at the waist partnered with a loose fitting cotton top is an ideal ensemble to look respectful and chic.

Evie Belted wide leg trousers. £20 – www.boohoo.com.

Or to be slightly more cultural in your pieces then why not take note from the Thai’s themselves with Eastern print themed harem trouers. A snip at £10!

Addison Brushstroke Print Multi Coloured Harem Trouser – www.boohoo.com

TOP TIP!! If you are petite enough you can make the harem trousers work as a jumpsuit! Just make sure the waistband is elasticated! 2 outfits in one!

Whatever you wear remember you are in another country from your own and should respect rheir rules. Thailand and Malaysia are fabulous countries to visit, so enjoy yourself…..while covered up! 😉

Words by Lauren O’Connor

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