Photo of the week by Auður Reykjavík, Nam Song river in Laos

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September 02, 2011


by Auður, Reykjavík Iceland

This week’s photo of the week comes fromAuður Reykjavíka. We asked Auður to tell us the story behind the photo. Here it is…


“A couple of years back I decided to take some weeks off work to go and travel around Southeast Asia on my own. This photo is taken from a kayak on the Nam Song river in Laos, not far from the backpackers haven Vang Vieng. The toes are mine.

Southeast Asia had never been on the top of my list of places I wanted to visit but I was blown away by the nature, the culture and the people I encountered. Every day I woke up to something new and wonderfully wacky and every night I went to bed with a smile. Today, if I’m faced with a stressful situation I just close my eyes and imagine myself back on that kayak floating down the Nam Song river. I can feel the warmth of the sun on my face, remembering the feeling of total freedom, and all my worries just melt away.

For now I can’t travel as much as I want to but instead of sulking about it I decided to enjoy Reykjavík, this lovely city I call home, like I was seeing it all for the very first time. I share my findings at – feel free to drop by.”

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