How to avoid paying for excess baggage

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September 07, 2011

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We all know that the airline industry have had to tighten up on their rules over the past few years for various reasons. The increase in security and issues over fuel consumption has been well documented, what is less known is that the restriction on passenger luggage weight has also been tightened.  In 2007 the revenue made from excess baggage was approximately £350 million compared to last years estimated revenue of £1.75 billion. With excess baggage charges costing up to £7.50 per kg on short-haul flights and up to £30 per kg on long-haul flights the costs you may incur on your travels could increase dramatically.

So how do you avoid these charges? The best way to avoid these costs is by weighing your luggage before you go. The way I am used to doing this is to weigh myself on the bathroom scales and then weigh myself again while wearing my backpack. The reading isn’t always accurate and it can be a fair bit of hassle to do but it has saved me from spending money I didn’t want to at the airport. Of course this is only any good when flying out. As a hosteller the places I visit don’t always have bathroom scales easily available.

Recently I came across and alternative. Now before I go into detail I’d like to point out that I am not being paid to recommend this product and it is something I actually find useful.

The Salter luggage scale. Salter is the UK brand leader for kitchen and bathroom scales and now they have one of the best loved scales for the travel industry.

The Salter luggage scale 950 is designed as an easy solution to weighing your luggage before heading to the airport. Weighing in at under 300g the scale is easily packed into your backpack or suitcase making it possible to stay on top of your luggage weight both when you’re heading out and returning from your journey. The scale comes with a heavy duty strap that clips around the handle of your luggage and an easy to use handle / digital display screen. A simple push of the button placed on the handle and you are able to weigh your backpack or suitcase to an accuracy of 100g. The scale can weigh up to a maximum of 40kg which should accommodate the majority of travellers and for approx. £14.99 this could be a great money saving tip.

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