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15 ways to save money while traveling

by fdecomite


The majority of us will know the feeling of saving for months before going on vacation. The cost of flights, excursions and meals builds up and can become quite stressful when your wallet isn’t quite bulging the way you’d like.
Here are some tips on how to get round some of these costs so you have more money to spend on the things you love.







Often one of the most expensive parts of a holiday, the cost of flights alone can sometimes put people off going abroad. Getting the most out of your journey however isn’t difficult once you know how.

1. Fly off peak
Everyone knows that flying during the peak seasons can cost you an arm and a leg. This is simply because of how many people have time off at these points. If you can help it, take your break before or after everyone else. You’ll notice a dramatic difference in price.

2. Book in advanced
If you know you have time off coming up then book your flights early. Even if you have to fly during peak season the cost of flights goes up the closer to the date you are.

3. Be flexible with your dates
When booking your flight give a little space either side of your desired date. The price of flights varies from day to day and being flexible could cut your flight cost in half.

4. Fly during the week
Most people fly on the weekends which means prices are at their highest. Flying Monday to Thursday is often cheaper and may mean only leaving a day early or later.

5. Fly Standby
If you’re ok with waiting around at an airport without knowing when or if you’ll get a flight then flying standby might be good for you. Airlines may give you matter of minutes’ notice that the flight you want has a spare seat going. The seat is often discounted in order to fill the flight. However if the flight fills up before opening to standby flyers then you may be waiting sometime for the next one.

6. Stopover
Flights that involve stop overs can be a pain for some people but they are often cheaper. The downside is spending a few hours waiting in another airport but this can also be a great time to meet new people or catch up on some reading.



Another area of great expense when traveling can be food. Eating out each night soon racks up big bills especially for families. However there are ways to limit the expenditure.

1. Free Breakfast
Many hostels these days offer a free breakfast for people staying with them. They are generally early in the morning but are of a good standard and can keep you going until lunch.

2. Lunchtime main meals
Restaurants often offer the same or very similar menus at lunchtime as they do for dinner. Making lunch your big meal of the day means you can save on cost and just eat something small in the evenings when things are more expensive.

3. Eat early
If you are planning on eating an evening meal in a restaurant then go early in the evenings. Many restaurants will reward early birds with a discount on their bill as a way to spread out their trade.

4. New restaurants
This will take a little research but eating at a new restaurant can mean receiving promotional discounts and you may discover a new favourite place.

5. Cook your own
Cooking your own food means your expense doesn’t have to be higher than it would be at home. Many hostels offer a fully equipped kitchen so there is no need to worry about not having the right utensils.

6. Markets
Farmers markets are popping up all over the place these days and the produce you can find there are often of a high standard but without the “middle men” bumping up the cost.

7. Coupons
Social coupon sites are increasing in popularity across the internet. Before venturing out it is worth having a look online for any available discounts in your area.



Here are a few more points we thought you should keep in mind when travelling.

1. Shop Smart
Some areas increase their prices during the travel seasons to get extra revenue from tourists. Before buying in popular areas think about are you going to go elsewhere and will this item be available there. If so it’s likely to be cheaper.

2. Student Travel
If you are a student then use it. Student discounts are international and you may be surprised what you can get cheaper. It worth asking no matter where you go, if they say no you’ve not lost anything.

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