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Happy Independence Day 4th July!

Declaration of Independence

USA Independence DaySo why is the 4th July just so important to Americans? Well it all goes back to 1776 when Thomas Jefferson was asked to write a document that detailed how the United States was going to govern itself and was no longer to be under the control of the British Empire. Congress ordered that all members sign the document and on 4th July 1776 the document became known as the Declaration of Independence and from this day, the 4th July has forever been known as Independence Day.

The risk for everyone who signed the Declaration was huge as the penalty for treason was hanging. This is why the Declaration of independence is much more than simply a document. It symbolises the courage of the few who stood by their convictions, hopes, goals and dreams for a better future and the bravery of everyone who stood by their side.

Independence Day Celebrations

These days the fighting is over and Independence Day is marked as a federal holiday, typically celebrated with fireworks, carnivals, parades, concerts, picnics and family reunions. There won’t be a major city in America that does not have a spectacular fireworks display or parade on what many people consider as America’s birthday.

Hostelling International USA

American DogHostelling International USA is a non-profit organisation with a mission to help all, especially the young, gain a greater understanding of the world and its people through hostelling. But HI-USA is more than just a hostel provider and being a member is more than just having a card. There are a huge number of Member Benefits both in the USA and worldwide and more than 4,000 hostels worldwide including 60 USA Hostels. You can keep up to date with everything that is happening within the USA Hostelling International community by becoming a HI-USA Facebook Fan or by Following HI-USA Twitter Page. Hostelling International is a cool organisation to be part of!

Happy Birthday America and everyone at HI USA!

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