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Supporting Education for Climate Protection with myclimate


myclimate partnershipAs I was in Switzerland enjoying a week holiday in the mountains, I took advantage and visited our Swiss National Association and also our partner, myclimate.

Last March, as part of our interest and commitment to be more active in terms of Sustainable Development, HI decided to donate the money generated during the last environmental campaign for a sustainable cause.

The recipient for HI’s £4,540 donation was myclimate, which is a world-leading organisation in the area of climate protection and Sustainable Development. myclimate is working on a global level, just like HI, and one of the organisation’s focus areas is climate education, which HI’s donation will be used for.

How can we protect the next generation of youth? How can we use our natural resources sparingly? We need to learn, teach and be taught. We need Education in climate protection to incite emotions and awake inventive talent; foresighted, competent and sustainable. Our mission very much concerns the importance of education. That is why HI decided to work with myclimate, and has started to build a partnership together.

myclimate is a non profit organisation, with a vision of “Low Carbon Society”, a society which enables a high quality of life whilst producing low greenhouse gas emissions through reduction, education, and the offset of greenhouse gas emissions in high quality carbon offset projects.

myclimate Projects

myclimate have very interesting education projects including:

  • International projects (Hot Stuff Chill Out)myclimate and brianda
  • School projects
  • Community projects
  • Training and CO2 footprint
  • Technical projects and workplaces
  • Out in nature (climate audio trail)


By supporting the project Hot Stuff Chill Out HI has the opportunity to participate in the worldwide education in climate protection. And from now on we are focusing on developing a shared project between myclimate and Hostelling International.

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