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Jumbo Stay Hostel: Boarding Pass Please!

Jumbo Stay Hostel

Jumbo Stay Hostel, StockholmHostels come in all shapes and sizes but they don’t usually come with wings. The Jumbo Stay hostel in Stockholm, Sweden offers a truly unique hostelling experience and the chance to get away without leaving the ground. For just over 2 years, Stockholm has been the home to the world’s first Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet hostel after its retirement from duty in 2009. If you’re looking to fly to Stockholm to stay in this hostel, you’ll be pleased to know that the Jumbo sits right outside the entrance to Stockholm Arlanda Airport so there will be any lengthy transfers.

Jumbo Facilities

Jumbo Stay Hostel Cockpit, Stockholm

The decommissioned Boeing has been completely refurbished to provide comfortable accommodation including 25 bedrooms and 9 shared bathrooms with room 747 being given a special location within the plane, a honeymoon suite that resides in the cockpit, naturally. You can shop in the Jumbo Stay gift shop or enjoy a coffee and a snack at the on-board café. Breakfast is also available here as an in-flight meal served on a tray and for evening arrivals the meal is available hot.

Economy Class

Jumbo Stay Hostel lounge - StockholmThe jumbo hostel has been designed to retain many original features so your overnight stay will feel very familiar. For most people, a night in economy class will be the order of the day, with typical rooms containing 3 comfortable beds, an original overhead locker wardrobe and plenty of windows to enjoy the view. The best view of the plane can be found out on the wing and during the summer there is the opportunity to walk along the left wing observation deck for probably your only opportunity to stand on a plane – ever!

Book Jumbo Hostel Online

The Jumbo Stay Hostel offers a truly unique experience and happily takes its place on our Inspire Me Hostels page. Visit our Jumbo Stay Hostel page if you would like to book this amazing hostel online.

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