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Multistage Hostel Bookings with My Itinerary

Multistage Hostel Bookings

One of the great benefits of booking your hostel stay with us is the flexibility and ease at which you can make multistage hostel bookings at the same time. These hostels don’t have to be in the same country or even on consecutive days. In fact, you can book as many of the thousands of hostels we have bookable online, each at any time of the year, all in one go.

Add to My Itinerary

Add to my itinerary buttonWhen you find your hostel and click on the ‘Book’ button, you are presented with the option to either ‘Proceed to Booking’ or ‘Add to My Itinerary’. If you have more hostels or days you want to book, simply clicking on the Add to My Itinerary allows you to carry on searching, while we keep a record of your chosen hostel. Each time a new booking is made, a record is displayed of all your hostels booked in the top right corner of the page for easy reference.

hostel itineraryIf you need to cancel any of the bookings you have made, simply click on the x next to the hostel. When you are ready to make your booking, click on the ‘Proceed to Booking’ and each of your choices are listed for easy review before continuing.

Staying in different hostels during a trip is a great way to travel and explore a country and making all the bookings in one simple transaction, is one less thing to worry about. It also means that you are only charged the one 5% deposit no matter how many hostels you book, and the one £1.50 booking fee (or equivalent currency) for the whole amount. Why not try out this great new feature today by searching our worldwide hostels!

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