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Fancy Spending Time in a Prison?

We have many different hostels all around the world and paying to stay in a prison may not be your first thought when looking to book a nice cosy hostel for the night. Well, you may want to give Långholmen Hostel in Sweden a look before you decide on your next hostel destination.

We have many hostels all over the world offering a unique experience for our members, and Långholmen Hostel takes its place near the top. This former Jail house is situated on Stockholm’s central island and has been newly renovated into a luxury hostel. This Crown Remand Prison (Kronohäktet) was originally built in the 1840’s and stayed fully operational right up until its closure in 1975 when all the inmates were forced to find alternative accommodation.

Now instead of trying to keep people in, the prison is welcoming hostellers with open arms with the opportunity to stay the night within its original cells. The cells are extremely comfortable and have all the luxuries you would expect of a HI hostel. While doing time here, you may also want to check out the prison museum which brings to life 250 years of prison history.

The prison offers guests wireless internet within all cells; a shop and mini café that is open day and night; and also cells with shower and WC facilities. Because of the prison’s central location, Stockholm’s rich selection of shops, restaurants, bars and attractions are within easy reach and the beach is just outside the main entrance for those who want to take a dip.

So next time you’re passing through Stockholm and you’re wondering where to stay, ask the taxi driver to take you to the central prison and spend the night in this fantastic prison. Just make sure they don’t throw away the key while you’re there.

Visit our Långholmen Hostel page for further information and booking details.

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