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ottobre 05, 2015

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Peter Inglis
10 ottobre 2015 12:15

They should put water turbines at the mouth of the river Mersey.

Jitso Keizer
16 ottobre 2015 07:56

How about directly turn wind energy into warm air? Think of a pump for your bike which gets heated when force is used. A wing can create low pressure which next may be compressed, preferably in a windmill with (not disturbing) vertical axis. P.e. it can be used on a bus shelter, to warm up a tent or small boat and at large scale….. Of course the mill will generate electricity too. I propose a contest among students or universities with a rewarding prize for needed theory. If construction succeeds that will pay itself.

Thank you Peter and Jitso for your interest in our sustainability projects and for your suggestions; they are very welcome and these are great ideas that will be taken into consideration in the future.

Carol Ashdown
24 ottobre 2015 05:34

Think that ground heat source technology worth looking at especially in remote hostels. Also investing in full solar roof systems when roofs need renewal of whole thing. See Dr. Sue Roaf of Oxford England, featured in Greenpeacee literature some years ago. Entire house and car solar. Also worth looking into vortex technologies, have heard this is something new. Best of luck, this is a very good idea for future generations of hostelling.

Carlos Humberto Andrade Moraes
31 ottobre 2015 03:41

It was a pleasure to stay at HI Chicago.
Great atmosphere, nice staff.
I wonder returning to HI Chicago as soon as possible.

Nice project for this hostel in an island

I vote for Island

Of the many hostels I’ve stayed in over the past 40 years, I have yet to see any promote preservation of our most important resource: clean, freshwater. This can be achieved two ways: using a tankless water system (currently installed at he 5-star Ferry Inn, Stromness,Orkney Islands) or a shut-off valve. Both can interrupt the flow of water, eliminating the “Hollywood” shower, allowing for a naval tradition: “wet down, soap down, rinse off”. I’ve practiced this consistently, and have even used a 2-gallon bucket of clean freshwater that I had filled during the “water hours” rationing aboard ship while in the Indian Ocean!

John Eyberg
10 agosto 2016 16:07

All hostels/overnighteries need to promote effective clean freshwater conservation by installing shut-off valves behind the showerheads to keep water from continuing to flow while applying shampoo, soap, etc. This avoids “Hollywood” showers and excess use of a precious resource.

13 settembre 2016 00:49

I think that it is wonderful that you devote part of your incomes to Sustainable Projects

Please include other countries like Argentina
kind regards

One night in Rekyavik, before riding tour. Nice house near the swimming pool; a lot of opportunities inside and just around the hotel. Great !!!

I recommend as a environmental sustainability project; funding for Nonviolent Peaceforce. Reducing violence and protecting civilians so they can address the conflicts in their community non violently is a great contribution to the environment.

Scott Wilmore
22 settembre 2017 00:29

I heard there are some great airfares from the US stopping in Iceland…can you say anything more about them?

Narendra Gemawat
24 settembre 2017 12:06

Wish to stay
Inout hostel Spain
Many times in life

Natalie Valls
25 ottobre 2017 09:53

Thanks for asking, Scott! Unfortunately we aren’t airfare experts, but it does seems like recently there have been great airfare deals all over the place!

Harvey Botzman
27 gennaio 2018 03:36

You need to update the sustainability fund page, it dates to 2015 with no updates. It is now 2018!

Natalie Valls
29 gennaio 2018 11:23

Hey, Harvey! If you’re at our blog homepage and click “HI Sustainability Fund”, it should take you to this year’s competition! Here are our 2016 and 2017 HISF Competitions:

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