(English) You won’t believe these places are hostels!

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juin 09, 2014

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Also interesting, The goods wagons at Station Square, Sydney. & A former prison in Ljubljana.

Sylvia Khoury
lundi 16 juin 2014 08:32

Does it really exist the hostel on a plane?? or a Boat ?? !! that takes you to nice places?? !! what are the prices ?

Hi Sylvia, click here for Stockholm’s Jumbo Stay hostel: https://www.hihostels.com/hostels/stockholm-arlanda-jumbo-stay-hostel

And here for Budapest – Fortuna Boat hostel: https://www.hihostels.com/hostels/budapest-fortuna-boat

You can find the prices on the hostel pages.

hi barbara from Singapore l also ever stay in ship hostel style before that was in Sweden
Stockholm it was really Eunice unusual and very nice accommodation too.

i want to know the miami hostel telephone number please alejandro

i want to know the miami hostel telephone number please alejandromd@hotmail.com

Hi Alejandro, you can find the HI – Miami Beach contact details here:



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