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Top Travel Hacks: Travel Essentials on a Budget

How to Travel on a Budget with Hostelling International

What if we told you that you could travel more, for less?

I guess the secret is out.. The key to successful budget-inspired travelling, is most definitely hosteling. Whether you’re a solo backpacker, travelling as a group or just a few friends looking for that perfect part-time getaway… HI has something for everybody. In over 3,600 destinations… All across the globe… And if you’re STILL not set on hostels (£) over hotels (££££), or Airbnb’s (£££), then allow us to plan your perfect budget-trip for you in just 5 simple steps, and the first is to forget about the common myth-conceptions.

Rest Assured, We’re Quality Assured!

Myth-conception 1: Does budget-travel mean budget-quality?

Granted, there is a horror film dedicated to hostels… but since when does Hollywood ever show how the real world works? You can book a bed in the heart of San Diego from just £31. Did I forget to mention breakfast is included? How about indoor swing-seats? Oh, and the kitchen looks like this…

You don’t have to look very hard for quality accommodation deals, you simply have to look in the right place.

The best part is, our hostelers live sustainably the entire time, and some only realise afterwards (too busy enjoying themselves)… but we also make it part of our hostel lifestyle to show you just how easy it truly is. Our hostels are made by travellers, for travellers and rated just the same (for quality, sustainability and eco-friendliness) and have been for over 100 years. It’s safe to say we know a thing or two about planning vacations.

Top tip: book your next trip without breaking the bank.

Spoilt for choice or is the list endless?  Inspire me | I know where I want to go

Immerse yourself in the local culture rather than stay locked up in your hotel room… You’re in San Diego, after all – you can watch tv and order room service literally anywhere. Why would you want to stay in someone else’s house anyway?

Hostels are the New Black

Myth-conception 2: Why are hotels safer than hostels?

In one sentence, common sense is your best defense. Learn about your destination from the experts, (the locals!) and you can find them in every single one of our hostels. Check out the best views, restaurants, and where the locals hang out for the ultimate travelling experience in any country, where you’re more likely to find that hidden space you’ve been searching for. Most hostels will also team up with local businesses (tried and tested) to offer discounts for food and nearby activities.

Staying safe in a foreign country may seem challenging, but the fact of the matter is that this does not change whether you stay in a hostel or a hotel! Lock up your valuables in the lockers provided whilst you travel, gather the troops so you’re not alone and travel like you only live once. Hostels are magical, not dangerous and each one is unique.

Alternatively, if you prefer to discover your own way around, The Lonely Planet travel experts may be your best choice. Not only will you save time and money on your adventure, but the inspiration will drive you to create more of those unforgettable memories… Psst… Get 20% off as a HI member!

Hostels are no longer a thing of the past, and they are coming back with a vengeance, taking every myth down with them along the way… Forget about room service and have a guest kitchen instead. Expect pub crawls, walking tours, free breakfast and luggage storage. Here’s a list of hostelers to prove it.

Age is Just a Number

Myth-conception 3: What if I don’t want to stay in a bunk bed?

We get it. Romantic weekend away for two? Family holiday? How about a school trip? Not really a hostel environment, right? Wrong. 

Book a private room for 2 for your romantic weekend away, private bathroom and breakfast often included. Book a dorm for the family, or multiple private rooms. And a school trip? Well, they love bunk beds. Budgetary constraints can often turn your dream trip into a nightmare. How many times have you extended your travel budget and promised yourself it’s the last time? Not booking that 4-5 star hotel in the city centre and ordering room service could be your first step to saving on your ever-cultural experience.

Keeping track of your budget has never been more important, but with digital currency and banking methods emerging, it is also becoming even easier.

Cryptocurrencies made their debut a few years ago and have since fizzled out, however the benefits are still attainable through trustworthy digital banking services, like the Revolut card! Keep track of every purchase whilst you’re spending all over the world with no additional fees, low exchange rates, multi-currency accounts and free transfers.

Get your FREE Revolut card today.

Bad Company

Myth-conception 4: Does staying at a hostel reflect my bank account?

How many people have you ever met at a hotel bar? Hosteling attracts a specific type of personality and like-minded people. Simply put, the ones that love to travel and crave new experiences. Forget about the image that comes with staying in an Airbnb, there’s a reason that best-selling authors, musicians and other creatives choose those independent cafes, quiet spaces (and hostels!) when they can pretty much afford anywhere else. There’s just something about them, like that one specific location you think back to where you felt completely at ease… If this sounds like you and you haven’t given a hostel a go yet, add it to your bucket-list for an entirely different outlook.

However, if money is something you are finding yourself concerned with, there are plenty of ways to prolong your stay or visit more destinations. Some people look for jobs or even volunteer in exchange for a few extra night’s stay. And if you do find yourself working abroad, don’t forget to apply for a tax-refund (if eligible)!

Plan ahead with Taxback and save an extra 10% whilst you’re at it.

Not all who Wander are Lost

Myth-conception 5: What if I can’t find the right one for me?

Problem solved. Where do you want to go?

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