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Vote for your Favourite Project Now: HISF 2019

Winners of HI Sustainability Fund 2019 

YHA England&Wales was awarded £10,000 for their project Helping to Fight the Plastic Crisis, One School Group at a Time

Albergue Paradiso, REAJ was awarded £7,500 towards their project Energy Everywhere

YHA Israel was awarded £3,085 for their project Water Heating System in Mtizpe Ramon

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that contributed to deciding on the 2019 winning projects from over 4,500 votes and fantastic comments of support for all the projects involved.

If you would like to support the HI Sustainability Fund

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The Hostelling International Sustainability Fund (HISF) is sustained by the generosity of conscientious travellers that have donated to the fund through our booking platform www.hihostels.com. The main objective of the fund is to highlight and promote a sustainable mindset, while working towards achieving Carbon neutrality across the HI network. To date over 600 tonnes of Carbon are offset annually through projects awarded by the fund. Going forward we are looking for projects to adopt a more holistic approach in their contribution towards Carbon reduction. As such, this year we ask that applicants combine an environmental, social and economic aspect to their project in line with those set out in HI’s Ten Areas of Sustainable Hostelling.

Your Vote Matters

We want your help to decide which projects will be granted the HI Sustainability Fund for 2018/2019.
For a quick re-cap, the HI Sustainability fund was started in 2013 to highlight and promote sustainable initiatives across the HI network, over £148,252 had been raised to date, supporting 16 projects which contribute towards offsetting over 600 tonnes of Carbon per year. Over 55,000 unique public votes have been collected since 2013, helping us to decide which projects to award.
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The total amount generated by the fund this year is £20,585 GBP.
This will support three projects with the following amounts.
1st prize £10,000 GBP
2nd prize £7,500 GBP
3rd prize £3,085 GBP

Check Out The Projects

Click below to find out more about the 6 projects up for the fund this year. Read though each and vote for your top two

HI Canada: Solar Panel Installation at HI Calgary
The primary objective for this project is to advance the clean growth economy by installing a solar power system that will reduce our reliance on the Alberta electrical grid and, as a result avoid emitting 12.15 tonnes of CO2e emissions annually.

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The areas this project contributes towards
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YHA England and Wales: Helping to Fight the Plastic Crisis, One School Group at a Time
The aim of the project is to eliminate single use plastic bottles from YHA’s hostel network. In October we installed Water Refill stations at 4 sites on a trial basis. These 4 hostels equate to around 20% of our total annual groups trade. This means that every year at these hostels over 100,000 single use plastic bottles are no longer going out of our doors and into customer’s hands.

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The areas this project contributes towards
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YHA Israel: Water Heating System Water in Mitzpe Ramon
In order to increase the environmental sustainability of Mitzpe Ramon Hostel, a new heating system will be installed. This will replace the use of diesel with electrical heat pumps, reducing the hostel’s overall CO2 emissions.

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The areas this project contributes towards
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HI Slovenia: Zero-Waste @ Tresor Bar
Transforming our bar into zero-waste bar, first of its kind in Ljubljana, with local products on the menu targeting not only our guests but also locals, providing education on sustainability through various events (exchange events, discussions, workshops etc.) and by promoting our zero-waste bar model to other local and regional hostels.

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The areas this project contributes towards
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REAJ: Energy Everywhere/Energía por todos lados
This project undertakes a 4 steps methodology to reduce C02 emissions, enhance sustainability, and engage guests with the concept, and importance use of renewable energies and energy efficiency

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The areas this project contributes towards
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HI USA: A Rooftop Full of Panels
The project will reduce 36.6 tonnes of CO2e emissions annually by installing a solar array that will generate 100% of the electricity consumed by hostel guests and the staff house. HI San Diego Point Loma is a welcoming retreat for eco-minded travellers to California, an area of the world on the front-lines of fighting climate change.

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The areas this project contributes towards
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Support your Favourite Project and Vote Now

The vote is split in three ways each adding up to a third of the overall vote

One third of the decision will be based on the public vote.
Public voters will receive two votes allowing them to support two different projects.

Sustainability coordinators across the HI Network will make up of the next third of the voting contribution.

An international jury will decide on the final third of the vote.

The International Jury

Patricia Letarte Yvonne Zuger Erica Harms Brianda Lopez

The voting deadline is 22nd April 2019, 17:00 BST

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