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Are you ready for Earth Hour?

Earth Hour 2018 is almost here! It will take place on Saturday 24th March at 8.30pm, wherever you may be in the world. Show your support and help protect the planet.

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Started in 2007, Earth Hour’s primary purpose is to spread awareness of climate change and reduce its impacts on the environment. Every year since, millions of people have shown their support by turning off their lights for one hour. Many of the world’s most famous and recognisable monuments also continue to do the same:

This is one of the ways we can help contribute toward achieving carbon neutrality in our hostels.

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If you’ll be staying in one of our hostels on that night, look out for how you can participate, or suggest your own activity.

Maybe you want to organise something yourself? Earth Hour is the perfect opportunity to create a fun and unique activity while saving energy!

What can you do?

  • Night-time walk
  • Candlelit dinner (use beeswax candles wherever possible as these are better for the environment)
  • Try some dishes from a cuisine you’ve never tried before
  • Go stargazing (even better if it’s somewhere like this!)

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  • Watch an environmental film/documentary
  • Have a games night with friends
  • Put on an unplugged musical performance
  • Make the hour technology free
  • Tell some ghost stories
  • Snacks and games around a campfire (also combine with above for a truly spooky evening!)

Whatever you choose to do this Earth Hour, let us know! Tag us @hostelling on Twitter and use the following hashtags so we can share your posts:

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You can follow this year’s global conversations via www.connect2earth.org.

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