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5 reasons why visiting Fiji will change your view on the world

Fiji isn’t very big. It’s not a travel behemoth in size and doesn’t attract a tenth of the tourists that Australia does. And yet, Fiji towers above some parts of the region for travel wonder and has the ability to make you a Fijian convert.

1. The people are beautiful inside and out

As soon as you land in Fiji, you’ll hear the word ‘Bula’ used a lot. This is happily spoken to you by locals and there’s a reason for that. Fijians are beautifully happy people and that attitude is infectious. Where ever you stay in Fiji, you’ll be greeted by warm happy faces, which is always a plus when travelling.

Image cred: http://ow.ly/U34Vj
Image cred: http://ow.ly/U34Vj
Image cred:  http://ow.ly/U355L
Image cred: http://ow.ly/U355L

Friendly and laughing all the time! Trust us!

2. The Yasawa islands are like nowhere on Earth

Two thirds of the islands in Fiji are uninhabited, meaning it’s one of the most unspoilt places on Earth. The Yasawa Islands are a great example of how unspoilt the region is but also how vibrant, depending on your preference.  You see, visiting the Yasawas is a diverse experience and super easy to get around. Some islands provide ridiculously beautiful beach spots and others are vibrant party islands. It all depends whether you want a trip filled with beautiful, relaxing islands or adrenaline and party filled island adventure, you choose!

Image cred: http://ow.ly/U35u3
Image cred: http://ow.ly/U35u3

Beachcomber, the party island!

Image cred: http://ow.ly/U35Zx
Image cred: http://ow.ly/U35Zx

3. The food is phenomenal

Think you know fresh food? Then check out Fijian food and be surprised. You can go fishing out in the Pacific, catch a HUGE fish and cook it back at your hostel. How great is that? From insanely delicious swordfish, to the locally sourced fruit, your meals in Fiji will taste like the paradise you’re visiting.


Expect some serious fishing in Fiji

Image cred: http://ow.ly/U3aZN
Image cred: http://ow.ly/U3aZN

4. It’s pure, unadulterated paradise

Just look at it!

Image cred:  http://ow.ly/U37l9
Image cred: http://ow.ly/U37l9

Beaches that dreams are made of

Image cred: http://ow.ly/U37vu
Image cred: http://ow.ly/U37vu

Impressive jungles

Image cred: http://ow.ly/U37NE
Image cred: http://ow.ly/U37NE

And wildlife that is magical

5. It’s authentic

Walk around quaint cities like Suva and Nada and you’ll realise this is a society cut off from the rest of the world. It is not a rich country by any means, but does that really affect the happiness of locals you meet? They are still helpful, friendly and always smiling.

Sometimes you find travel hotspots have lost their edge due to globalisation however, except for a handful of fast food restaurants in the major cities, you feel like you’re part of a different culture; a culture that will not stop making you smile.

Image cred:  http://ow.ly/U372v
Image cred: http://ow.ly/U372v

Suva markets

Image cred: http://ow.ly/U3dvJ
Image cred: http://ow.ly/U3dvJ

If you think it’s time to say “BULA” and experience serene, south pacific beauty…

Image cred:  http://ow.ly/U3dVy
Image cred: http://ow.ly/U3dVy

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