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Staying connected: will you see your travel buddy again?

Love can strike at any time (not necessarily that kind of love) – especially whilst you’re travelling.

Picture it: you’re in a brand new environment with a surprise around every corner, and a journey ripe with possibilities ahead. You might be on your own, and you’re searching for some new buddies to share experiences with. As you’re sitting at the hostel bar/ cooking pasta (again)/ Skyping your dog loudly from the common room, you exchange a smile and get chatting to someone who seems to be on the same wavelength.

Who would have known that after a weekend of crazy city explorations, intense hiking trips and multiple belly laughs, they’d turn into your new favourite human being?

strangers to friends

But, when the trip is done and the curtains close on your travels, where does this leave your friendship?

These days, re-connecting is pretty easy if you want to make it work, it just takes a little prompt sometimes – so we thought we’d give you guys a nudge. Here’s what happened:

Sometimes, the shortest encounters make the biggest impressions

short chats stick in your memory

… And the best memories

best memories

Because they say that if you really want to know a person, travel with them.

Travelling really helps you know a person

So why not initiate a reunion?

miss you guys

After all, travel isn’t just about the place you visit, it’s the people you meet,

soulmate lover

And this is just a great excuse to pack your bags and get going again

Uruguay to Brazil

Even if you’re on opposite sides of the world…

hostel in croatia

These things can work out in surprising ways.

From America to Australia

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Want to re-kindle a friendship you made on the road? Tell us your story below or #SayHIToTheWorld

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