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Germany hostels Hamburg & Kiel reach Olympic standards for sports groups

IMG_0704“As an institution of youth services and tourism, we recognise a great opportunity for education, leisure and culture in hosting the Games in our region. We see a deep connection between our target groups and the Olympic Games, an occasion to which the youth of the world comes together peacefully.”

– Angela Braasch-Eggert, President of the National Association of both Youth Hostels in Germany & Hostelling International

It might be a few years away, but for preparations of Olympic proportions – that’s a mere wrinkle in time.  The regional association of hostels in Northern Germany – DJH Nordmark, is putting plans in place to contribute as an active host for the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 in Hamburg and KielWith other world cities such as Los Angeles, Rome, Budapest and Paris competing as hosts, it’s game on.

Kiel, a bustling port city with a landscape dominated by beaches and ships, will be the perfect venue for sailing events during the global sporting event.

Hamburg proposes a carbon-neutral Olympics, with venues and hostels within walking distance of one another, and holding the torch up as Germany’s self-proclaimed sportiest city.


Sports groups from all over the world flock to this comfortable, communal accommodation in Germany, and now DJH Youth Hostels are seeking to strengthen their relationships with sports organisations. The hostels also align with the vision and ideals of the Paralymic Games, and are perfectly suited to guests with disabilities. Nearly every hostel has wheelchair accessible rooms and public areas, with many hostel activities designed with disabled participants in mind. Tailoring the hostels in Hamburg and Kiel to the needs of the Olympics will allow them to develop their disabled-friendly facilities further, encouraging the local society to adapt as a whole.


DJH Nordmark encourages guests to “share the experience” – a common value with the Olympics.

“This brand essence is perfectly reflected in a major event such as the Olympic Games, when it comes to peaceful international encounters and the population can participate in this experience.”

– Helmut Reichmann, CEO of DJH Nordmark.

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