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Enjoy home-made produce in Zasavje, Slovenia

In the era of supermarkets and large shopping centers, the knowledge about how to produce a food yourself and other life necessities is being lost. However, homemade products are still highly appreciated because of their originality, uniqueness and because they are made with more love and effort. There are many hidden places in Zasavje where visitors can be actively involved in the production of home made products. You can learn to farm environmentally and responsibly, and you also make contact with nature. Friendly locals like to display their activities in which visitors can be involved. Besides beautiful, first-class products, visitors gain some interesting experience and applied knowledge. 

Sadjarska kmetija rožej

Almost at the edge of the municipality Hrastnik, near the Roman spa, in Turje is the fruit farm Rožej. They own an apple orchard and make diverse apple products. Visitors can taste a variety of apple products, learn something about their activity and visit their modern orchard.

Another small but extremely interesting corner with local products is located in Hrastnik. This is the Herb Garden Cvetka, at Hrastnik side of the village Čeče. As we know already from the name it is a small and cute herb garden. Here we can find the right herbs and spices for curing diseases and for making soaps. Visitors can also learn how to prepare them themselves. Herbal garden Cvetka offers a number of tips for growing herbs and using plants for different purposes. Fortified with home-made herbal tea and a snack from the garden, visitors will leave full of useful knowledge.

In Trbovlje site of village Čeče, Kupšek family presents two of their activities. Farm Požlep, such as its local name, is known for its walnut grove. They offer homemade walnut liqueur and use walnuts for bakery products in the domestic bakery Pod lipo. Visitors can participate in the processing of nuts and bakery activities.

Biodynamic farm Sešlar

In Ravenska village on the border between Trbovlje and Zagorje is located an ecological tourist farm Macerl. This deals with the breeding of ruminants, especially sheep of meat breed. Here you can get fresh meat for groups, they prepare various workshops on sheep farming and organic farming. In addition to sheep meat you can also get a sheepskin coat and woolen products.

The specific mode of organic farming is engaged in the biodynamic farm Sešlar on Izlake, which is especially known for its cheese brand Demeter. In addition to cheese you can also get curds and whey, fresh homemade veal and sawn timber. Visitors can see their cheese factory and take lectures on biodynamic method of farming and tasting their home made products.

Youth Hostel Trbovlje (4)

Youth hotel Trbovlje is a great accommodation if you are coming in Zasavje alone, in couple or in group. There is also Tourist Information Center which gives you advice where to go or organize you a visit of farms. Youth hotel offers 3 double rooms with bathroom and the chance of extra bed, dormitory with 14 beds and shared bathroom and apartment with kitchen and bathroom for 4 persons. Guests can use parking and Wi-Fi for free, and there is also a nice cafeteria in the building.

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