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Hostel of the Week: The Hat, Madrid

Looking for a bit of hostel luxury in Europe?

img52932-RoomThe-Hat-Madrid HAT

We thought as much.. How about The Hat in Madrid?

img52945-The-Cave HAT

With a traveller rating of 94% and situated in the centre of the electric Spanish city of Madrid, you’ll be hard pressed to find a hostel like The Hat.

img52930-Terrace HAT

Once you’re happily settled into hostel life at The Hat, why not get out and explore Madrid, a city alive with Spanish culture.

Image cred: http://ow.ly/Pl8J0
Some pretty amazing football…

Image cred:  http://ow.ly/Pl9P1
And eclectic cultural surprises…


Madrid is like no city on Earth…


Dive into some red hot Spanish culture and stay at the beautiful The Hat Hostel – http://ow.ly/Pl9vF

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