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YHA Christchurch gets 5 stars from backpackers


Since the devastating 2011 earthquakes hit this gateway city to New Zealand’s stunning South Island, Christchurch is experiencing something of a rebirth, taking giant leaps to become New Zealand’s most exciting city to visit. Backpacking to Christchurch will involve experiencing a vibrant local coffee scene, exciting art installations and restoration projects, and now 5 star quality at YHA New Zealand’s newest hostel – the only hostel in Christchurch to have received this stamp of approval.  

Assured quality at YHA Christchurch

This month, the hostel was awarded a 5 star Backpacker Qualmark quality assurance rating, affirming its status as a top notch choice for travellers exploring New Zealand’s South Island.

“Re-establishing a significant presence in Christchurch was a major priority following the 2011 earthquake, so we were delighted with the acquisition of YHA Christchurch in mid-2014. The 5-star rating confirms both the quality of the new hostel as well as YHA’s ongoing commitment to maintain very high facility standards. It is one of many reasons YHA is regarded as the ‘go-to’ network for quality backpacker accommodation.”

– Mark Wells, YHA New Zealand’s CEO


Qualmark stamp of approval

The Qualmark Business Advisor for YHA Christchurch shared his congratulations, too:

“You have done a great job with the rebuild and have a great hostel. All the tried and true systems within the YHA network are in place and the place is humming. Well done to you all.”

Follow the 5 star hostelling trail around New Zealand

YHA New Zealand puts their commitment to quality and sustainability into action through the organisation’s continued efforts to uphold and improve their hostels’ Qualmark ratings.


Book a bed in one of their other 5 star rated hostels in Wellington, Rotorua and Nelson, and 4-Star plus ratings in Auckland, Franz Josef, Mt Cook and Te Anau.

YHA Christchurch opened in July 2014 following the natural disaster to help meet the increasing levels of demand for travel within the city, and has not only met the demands, but far exceeded them. Congratulations!

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