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What HI Quality means at Oslo Central hostel

You might have seen this symbol sitting on our website when you’re booking a hostel with us:  hi-q

Central_Trapp©hesthest_BacheWiigThis is our HI-Q logo, which helps you to identify hostels which have fulfilled a set of criteria according to our unique quality management system.

When you see this symbol, you can guarantee that high standards will be delivered, and consistent improvements will be made to the way these hostels are managed, run day-to-day, and to meet the changing needs of you, our customers, and most importantly for you –

 Your budget may be limited, but the quality of our hostels is not.

Luxury at Oslo Central 

Oslo Central is one of those hostels which de-bunks all of the old luxury-lacking myths associated with hostelling and backpacking. The idea of the hostelling experience is evolving the way we explore the world, with boutique, design and luxury hostels leading a budget travel revolution.

If you’re not on board with the revolution yet – you won’t believe this place is a hostel.

A few words from Kathrine, the manager of HI – Oslo Central hostel, share the pride and care taken to maintain these high standards:

HI-Quality (HI-Q) is not just fancy folders in the Reception, Housekeeping, Kitchen or Managers Office. It’s a living organism requiring regular feeding, like watering a plant.

For us it has become a team building system and a way to help run daily routines smoothly, and identify challenges for our staff. Meeting the requirements to become a HI-Q hostel has meant that involving people from different backgrounds, ages and working areas is really important to us, particularly since the staff have taken ownership of maintaining the quality of Oslo Central. They are proud to help, and be a part of it.

To involve everyone in new routines is hard. It makes the daily work so much easier if you have a solid foundation for teamwork – and this is really what the HI-Q system means for us.

For me to have a system where we can all ‘sing from the same song book’ makes the overall running of Oslo Central Hostel a pleasure: taking a bit of time and commitment is what it really takes to open peoples’ eyes.

Book your stay at Oslo Central hostel, Norway. 

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