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Good morning! Japan Youth Hostel Inc, part of the Hostelling International network, is running an ambitious new campaign. They have asked all hostel managers in the HI network around the world to submit photos of a typical morning at their hostel by February 28th.

The aim of this creative campaign is to show that although the world is full of diversity, people everywhere are still united. There is a famous children’s Japanese poem that Japan Youth Hostel Inc has shared with our network and it sums up the campaign’s message brilliantly:

Morning Relay by Shuntaro Tanikawa

While a young man in Kamchatka,
Dreams of a giraffe.

A young girl in Mexico,
Waits for the bus in the morning haze.

While a little girl in New York,
Rolls over in her bed with a smile.

A little boy in Rome,
Winks at the morning sun that colours the column capital.

On this Earth,
Always, somewhere, morning is starting.

We are relaying morning,
From longitude to longitude,

Taking turns protecting Earth, as it were.
Prick up your ears awhile before you go to sleep,

Somewhere, far away, you’ll hear an alarm clock ringing.
It’s proof that someone has firmly caught the morning you’ve passed on.

Japan Youth Hostel Inc. has asked all of our hostels for a variety of photos including photos that show a typical morning at the hostel and photos that show a typical night at the hostel.

Hostelling encourages cultural understanding and diminishing of stereotypes. By simply eating meals together you meet and befriend people from backgrounds vastly different from your own. While you’re eating, drinking and talking to one another, an amazing thing happens; you realise you’re not all that different.82661293-585x390What have your mornings been like at our hostels? What has hostelling taught you about the world we live in?

Share your photos and comments with us – we’d love to see them. Send us a comment on this blog or email us at socialmedia@hihostels.com.

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