5 top tips for your first skiing holiday

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December 11, 2013
Going on your first ski holiday can be daunting, but fear not!  We have some handy tips to set you on your way to becoming a skiing holiday pro, all you have to do is work on your moves…
1. Don’t buy, borrow


As tempting as it may be to splurge on a chic, way over-the-top ski outfit, it is best to make sure skiing is for you first before investing in fancy gear; otherwise you will be stuck with a ‘cool’ fluorescent quilted onesie as well as a hefty credit card bill. Borrow as much as you can or shop around for cheap basics but do invest in your own thermals and ski socks (can’t be sharing those!)
2. Get fit
Don’t underestimate just how tiring a ski holiday can be. Yes skiing and other winter sports activities are fun, but they are physically demanding. Keep in mind that you will be active and on your feet for at least six hours a day. If ‘gym’ is a dirty word to you, there are simple and free ways you can build up your core fitness. Try walking as much as you can before you go away, take the stairs instead of the lift and even standing instead of sitting helps strengthen those leg muscles.
3. Take a rucksack

The weather can change whilst you’re out showcasing your newly acquired ski skills, so pack wisely for the day. A lightweight rucksack is ideal for carrying spare clothing and your lunch, and is another simple way to save some pennies.

4. Get gnarly

Don’t be a powder-pig! Learn some expert terminology and even if you don’t ski like one, you can at least sound like a pro. Check out this handy glossary of skiing lingo.
5. Pack wisely


Packing light for a ski holiday can seem like an impossible task but with some careful pre-planning it can be achieved. Simple things such as packing lots of base layer items of clothing will be more useful than one bulky jumper. Don’t forget to check with your airline on their policy for ski equipment. Some airlines need notice about your ski equipment so they can reserve space for you.
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