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Don’t leave the dog at home! Holiday in a hostel!

The days are long gone when families were forced to leave their pet pooches at home when they organised their annual holiday.

According to a recent report by MedicAnimal.com, nine out of 10 Brits took their hounds on holiday with them in the UK and one in eight were actually packing the pet passport and travelling abroad with their four-legged friend to the continent.

Don't leave your dog at home. Take him to a hostel
Don’t leave your dog at home. Take him to a hostel

And if you want to have a bargain break with your faithful friend (and the rest of the family as well) why not think about a hostelling trip? More and more hostels throughout the Hostelling International network of groups are opening their arms to these extra furry guests.

What about taking the hound to Hungary? There is the possibility of bringing your Beagle for a stay on a boat. Because in Budapest we have a hostel which has been made out of a converted trawler. As long as your dog is in a private room with you and is not of the giant variety, then it will be welcomed! Find out more about our Budapest Botel here>>>>

Or if you have a sausage dog, then why not take it on a trip to Slovenia*? Our picture postcard hostel Pod Voglem is in Bohinjsko Jezero and is in wonderful countryside for walking. If you would like to find out more about travelling with your dog to Slovenia and our hostel, then click here>>>>

*There is a 5 euro per night charge for dogs at this hostel.

And a firm favourite for families is Italy. This country has been given our thumbs up for having the most dog-friendly hostels within our network. Not only can you and the kids soak up the sights but you can share them with your dog too. So whether you are looking to travel to Rome, Milan, Bergamo, Palerma, Bologna, Perugia or Florence you can rest assured that you will be able to take Fido with you too.

Andrew Bucher from MedicAnimal.com said: “Ever since the introduction of the pet passport scheme in the UK, travelling abroad with your dog has been made much simpler. Our research has shown that an overwhelming majority of pet owners are opting to take their dog with them on their holidays.”

Whilst there are a number of hostels which will welcome dogs, owners are asked to consider other guests. In many cases you will have to book a private room if you want to be accompanied by the family pooch and in many cases they will not be accepted in dorms.

Scotland was one of the first countries in the UK to open up their hostels to owners and their pets on a trial basis. Hostels in the UK and Ireland currently only accept assistance dogs.

For more information about all of the hostels which are suitable for groups which are in the Hostelling International network, click here>>>

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