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Historic milestone for Glenbrittle Youth Hostel, Skye

Glenbrittle Youth Hostel has re-opened after a major refurbishment, transforming one of the oldest Youth Hostels in the Scottish Youth Hostel Association network into the cosiest place to stay right next to the Cuillins.

For more than 70 years Glenbrittle Youth Hostel on the Isle of Skye has provided accommodation for mountaineers and tourists. The spectacular location of the Norwegian-style wooden building, nestling at the foot of the magnificent mountain range, provides a unique experience for visitors.

Originally, the hostel featured three-tier bunk beds and simple benches to set up your own camping cooker at the end of a day out and about. The interior of the building was bare wood and there were no showers, electricity or hot water. Washing facilities were cold taps and buckets.

Things are very different for today’s visitors, especially since its latest makeover. The Youth Hostel was treated to a new roof late last year to make good wind and weather damage from previous winters. Historical notes show this was not the first time the roof had been damaged, in fact not too long after the hostel was opened in 1939 the entire roof flew off thanks to powerful gusts and a roof design at the time which proved unsuitable for windy Skye.

Then early this year surveyors moved in, followed by joiners, plumbers and electricians to transform Glenbrittle Youth Hostel. This has seen significant improvements to the washroom facilities including an increased number of showers, a completely new kitchen and a makeover of the lounge space to enhance the opportunities for hostellers to relax with their fellow adventurers.

To keep the traditional atmosphere sturdy oak benches and long tables make for communal and comfortable dining. For a good night’s sleep smaller rooms offer more privacy and comfort, with sturdy wooden bunk beds featuring reading lights and storage shelves for mobile phones and alarm clocks. There is better storage space too, with lockers or under-bed storage boxes provided in the rooms.

Frauke Dohrmann, Skye Group Hostel Manager, said: “Next year Glenbrittle Youth Hostel will celebrate its 75th anniversary and with this year’s refurbishment we look forward to welcoming visitors to this very special hostel for many more years to come.”

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