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A brand new HI Hostel on the Isle of Ischia, Italy

A beautiful new youth hostel by the name of Ostello del Sole (Sun Hostel) has recently been opened on the Isle of Ischia, Italy. The hostel is already a flagship in the AIG family.

Ostello del Sole is the result of careful and accurate renovation work on a historic mansion. The original structure and design of the mansion has been maintained, transforming it at the same time into a hostel equipped with all modern comforts. The hostel can provide 61 beds arranged in 1, 2, 3 and 4-bed en-suite rooms and 10 en-suite family rooms.

There is a restaurant available for guests serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a fully equipped self-catering kitchen with outdoor space for eating meals. A solarium, TV room, safety boxes and luggage storage are just a few of the many amenities offered by the hostel. The hostel staff will be on hand to provide tourist information and help you to organise itineraries. The reception is open 24-hours and provides web check-in service, if necessary.

The hostel is located right in front of the Convent beach (which takes its name from the historical hostel building), consisting of fine sand and shallow water, which makes it particularly suitable for families with children. Part of the beach is free and another part is served by bathing facilities.

Hostel rates start from € 25 per night / per person, including breakfast, in a 4-bed en-suite room. However, as a special opening promotion, you will get a 10% discount for stays until 31st July and a 20% discount for stays between 24 August and 31 October 2013.

The location

This Convent was the first religious house built by the Passionist Fathers on the Isle of Ischia in 1931. Its aim was to provide a suitable and independent dwelling to the men of cloth who came to the island for healing baths in the many spas of the isle.

The Sun Hostel is keeping the tradition of hospitality started by the Fathers alive even if it is now part of the Italian YHA, a non-profit organization which aims to promote youth travel and sustainable tourism. This is a goal shared by the Mayor of Ischia, Giuseppe Ferrandino, who believes that this hostel will represent ‘a new and concrete point of reference for youth and low cost tourism ‘. As much satisfaction was also expressed by AIG National President, Anita Baldi,  who is glad that the Italian YHA again raises its presence on the island thanks to the Sun Hostel that is ‘not only a mansion of architectural value, but it is also interesting from the historical, cultural and environmental viewpoint’.

The Isle of Ischia and the Municipality of Casamicciola

Ischia is the largest island on the Gulf of Naples. It’s a volcanic island which is known worldwide for its thermal spas, resulting in it being called the “Island of Health and eternal youth”.

In the VIII century BC (while the island was under the control of Greeks and was known as Pithecusa) its inhabitants fled the mainland, perhaps because of a volcanic eruption, and founded the city of Cuma. The island was then taken by Hieron, the tyrant of Syracuse, who included it in a terrific fortification system of the Gulf of Naples, and finally in 322 BC it was conquered by the Romans, frequent visitors of Cavascura Baths.

In addition to the wonderful sea, Ischia offers visitors a very green and picturesque landscape. In every corner you’ll find something to discover and to appreciate: craters under the sea, rocky spikes, lava hills and a lot of greenery.

The village of Casamicciola

The village of Casamicciola Terme, where the youth hostel is located, is nestled into the northern side of the Isle. Casamicciola Terme has an area of ​​5.6 square kilometers, with a population of about 7,000 inhabitants. It ranges from zero meters above sea level to 788 meters above sea level near the Epomeo Mount. of Ischia. In addition to the amenities of the area, the many thermal springs have always been a large part of the appeal for tourists.

Ischia is also overlooked by the volcano, Rotaro, which is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest where, in 2002, beautiful trails for hiking and trekking were created and equipped with comfortable benches.

Don’t forget to visit Castiglione spa gardens, the second Thermal Park on the Isle of Ischia, featuring 10 thermal pools fed by Castiglione springs, a natural sauna and private access to the sea.

In 1956, Casamicciola Village changed its name to Casamicciola Terme, because of the presence on its territory of many springs such as Castiglione, La Rita and Piazza Bagni.

The heart of Casamicciola is Piazza Marina, a nice square close to the port (the second of the island) that provides frequent ferry and hydrofoil connections with the mainland. The long and extensive dock is ideal for walking, especially in summer, as lots of yachts and sailing boats make stops here.


Surely you remember the famous movie, Cleopatra, whose protagonists were the beautiful Elisabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. In this epic movie, Ischia offered its imposing Castle as a backdrop for the Battle of Anzio, although no text mentioned Ischia as the location of the film. While filming in Rome, the director Mankiewicz was fascinated by a picture of the Isle of Ischia and wanted to continue filming there.

How to get to Ischia

The island is well served by a network of buses and shuttles that allow you to reach all the places on the island. Both Capodichino airport and Naples Central Station are well connected to the Isle of Ischia by hydrofoil from Beverello dock or by ferry from Massa deck.

Further pictures and details will be available on our website soon.


YH Ostello del Sole (Sun Hostel)
Via Salvatore Girardi 13
Ischia – Casamicciola Terme (Naples)

Opening time: 1 April – 31 October

ischia@aighostels.it ; info@ostellodelsole.com

Tel. + 39 081 994373

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