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How to stay healthy whilst travelling

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve let yourself go because you are always on the run? Backpacking is certainly a fun and exciting lifestyle choice but in which there is no place for food plan or regular exercise.  In this article HI has put together some easy to follow, simple tips about how to stay in shape whilst travelling.

1. Always choose a hostel with kitchen facilities!

It is a really important if local cuisine doesn’t look or taste appealing to you and you refuse to eat in chain restaurants.  Cooking gives you the full control of the quality of used food products and, additionally, is a money saver when you’re travelling on a budget. If you can’t cook or you don’t know any healthy recipes, the Internet is full of healthy 5-ingredient recipes or go for a salad.

2. Ask the hostel receptionist!

Insider knowledge of a local area and its food is a one of great value.  By asking the receptionist or staff member of the hostel you are staying in, you will not only have the chance to meet someone new, but you can also get recommendations and information about:

–          Restaurants known only by natives with divine food and that are good value for money,

–          Fresh vegetable, fish and fruit markets,

–          Good quality brands, grocery shops,

–          Bike rentals, extreme sports activities and gyms.

3. Avoid fast food chains.

This one is pretty obvious. If it’s not 4 a.m. and you’re not starving you just shouldn’t go for fast food restaurant chains. Wherever you are, local cuisine is always going to be the healthier option and tasting the foods of different cultures are one of the reasons to travel in the first place.

4. Take your running shoes with you.

Though carrying a backpack is an exercise itself, sometimes everyone needs to take up a recreational sport of some kind. Running is the easiest way to get exercise your body is craving after 10 hour train journey.

5. Make healthy choices.

You don’t have to have a trolley packed with vegetables to stay fit.  Simply choose the best options from variety of products on offer, e.g. buy wholemeal bread and pasta rather than white, brown rice instead of white and try to make your own dressing rather than buying a ready one.

And why is it important to stay healthy whilst travelling? Well, so that you can enjoy the experience itself fully!

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