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Day 7 – BBE Daily Summary!

Day 7 of the Big Blog Exchange has been full of adventure and activity! There’s only three days left of the official exchange (although several of our bloggers are staying a few days extra at their own expense to explore a little further!). We hope you’re enjoying exploring 16 different countries all at the same time, alongside our bloggers!

Andy Anderson from USA (blogging from Spain)

Andy told Sara’s readers that when travelling, he rarely chooses to visit and appreciate the local art – but when afforded the opportunity to in Madrid, he was pleased that he grasped the chance too, as he really enjoyed it!

andy1 andy22

When you travel, do you look around local art galleries too?

Sara Rodriguez from Spain (blogging from USA)

Sara is now exploring California, and absolutely loves her new surroundings!

hostelcali hostelviewhostelcali

The hostel she was staying in, even had a hot tub! Check out her view!

hostel hot tub

Audur Osp from Iceland (blogging from Israel)

Despite initial reservations about visiting Israel, Audur is really enjoying her BBE adventure – and has said it’s opened her eyes much more!


Take a look at her salad ‘starter’, it looks like a full meal!


Ali Karp from Israel (blogging from Iceland)

Today, Ali will be jumping on a snowmobile and checking out a large glacier!

ali23 alicsd alier

Kisty Mea from Singapore (blogging from the UK)

Kisty has been enjoying the English countryside, but is also looking forward to returning to London to explore some of the local museums – and visiting the HI offices!

kistry34 kisty23 kisty34 kistyer4


Sophie Roberts from UK (blogging from Singapore)

Sophie is exploring Singapore further (and Island hopping) with fellow BBE winner Jeremy! She will then head back to Malaysia (with Jeremy) for more adventures!

BBEwineners sophiejere sophiejerem

Rosario Lamastra from Argentina (blogging from New Zealand)

Rosario has been getting active whilst exploring Christchurch!

rosario12 rosariochristchurch rosariochsc

Yesterday she took a cool sip at the Ice Bar in Queenstown!


Katherine Kearsley from New Zealand (blogging from Argentina)

Katherine has been taking a trip to the wineries for some wine tasting!

wine12wine233 winert

Natalia from Brazil (blogging from France)

Natalia has been blogging from sunny Lyon today, it looks lovely!

nataliassd nataliassdfdf nataliassfdfd nataliaw2 natalisdlyon

Claire from France (blogging from Brazil)

Claire has written about her time in Sao Paulo today, and has some amazing pictures to share!

claires claires1 claires3 claires4 claires6 claires67 claires658

Camie Juan from Philippines (blogging from Germany)

Camie has recently blogged about her time in Germany – meeting new friends and visiting sites of historical interest. We love hearing and seeing what she has been up to!

camiediner camiejuan camiemunichcamie

Tina from Germany (blogging from Philippines)

Tina has been exploring Cebu and Bohol’s beautiful landscapes and nature! We love her captioned pictures in her latest blog post!

tina manila tinacdf tinacebu tinargofij tinasddfg tinasdf tinasdgfg

Liesbet from Belgium (blogging from South Africa)

Liesbet has been having an amazing time on Safari in South Africa!

liesberoijt liesberouhr liesbetrffk liesbetrjsdf liesbrtt

Didi from South Africa (blogging from Belgium)

Didi has been having lots of fun adventures in Bruges, with a new travel companion that she met at the hostel!


Jeremy Fowler from Canada (blogging from Malaysia)

Jeremy Fowler is still exploring Singapore with fellow BBE winner Sophie! Today, he had lots of fun island hopping!

Jeremy13 Jeremy34 Jeremysophie

And consulting the Indian fortune teller. “Please tell me I will be the final winner for the Big Blog Exchange”!


Before visiting the Sentosa Aquarium!

Chee Chingy from Malaysia (blogging from Canada)

Chee checked into the picturesque Lake Louise hostel yesterday, before exploring what it’s surroundings had to offer!

cheeepidufj cheeisdfkjf cheeisjdhdsf cheejdjf cheekjldfdf cheesddfn chereiufkj

Today, she has her own cabin at HI Banff!

Follow all 16 of our winning bloggers over at the bigblogexchange.org , where all of their posts, pictures and experiences will be published daily on the wall.

Have you ever wanted to travel the world in 10 days? Do so through our bloggers eyes!

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