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Day 5 – BBE Daily Summary!

Today has certainly been an active day for many of our bloggers, as they Island Hop, Zip Climb and explore local food markets! We hope you’re all enjoying reading the daily summaries – we thought it might be easier to read about their daily antics in one big long post. But if you’d prefer a detailed report, make sure you check out the bigblogexchange.org wall!

Andy Anderson from USA (blogging from Spain)

During his final day in Madrid, Andy met the team who organized his itinerary.


Before visiting a Circus school!

andy3 andy4

He then caught a glimpse into one of the hostel’s projects which gives back to the local community – providing free education services for local children, such as a library and electronic resources.

andy1 andy2

Sara Rodriguez from Spain (blogging from USA)

Now exploring San Franciso, Sara wrote a blog post on her days in Boston – letting readers know that she would definitely like to return there for an extended period one day. She thinks it’s a wonderful city that she could definitely live in! sara44 sara45boston sara56 sara445

Follow her journey now, as she explores San Francisco!

explore san fran

Audur Osp from Iceland (blogging from Israel)

Audur blogged again today regarding her impressions of Tel Aviv and how it was full of contrasts and surreal little moments. It’s a really interesting blog post – and definitely worth a read!


Ali Karp from Israel (blogging from Iceland)

Ali explained how the Icelandic midnight sun was keeping her from resting her eyes!

Iceland 10

Kisty Mea from Singapore (blogging from the UK)

Kisty has now blogged about her first few days in the UK on Sophie’s blog, which you can check out on the BBE wall. We loved her ‘adventure starts here’ picture!

adventure adventure1 adventure3

Today, she is exploring the sites of Manchester!


And tasting the world-renowned ‘Full English Breakfast’!

full english brekfast

Sophie Roberts from UK (blogging from Singapore)

Always up for a challenge, Sophie is all ready to zip wire at the speed of 60KM/hr today in Singapore!


Whilst also trying some tropical fruits at the market!


She recently blogged about her relaxing time in Sentosa! It looks luxurious! sophie


Rosario Lamastra from Argentina (blogging from New Zealand)

Rosario is enjoying her time in Queenstown and is keeping us updated regularly!

rosario3 rosario23 rosario34 rosariod tumblr_inline_mo6b0v0XP21qz4rgp

Katherine Kearsley from New Zealand(blogging from Argentina)

After a trip to the art gallery, Katherine has been relaxing and partying (all at the same time!). We don’t know how she does it!

kapcha cluber kapcha kapcha4 kapchaartgallery kapchaclub

Natalia from Brazil (blogging from France)

Now in Lyon, Natalia has been tasting the local delicacies! And exploring the city!

360natalia nataliass

Claire from France (blogging from Brazil)

Claire has really been taking in Brazil’s wildlife and nature! Check out these beautiful photographs from her trip!


claire1 claire2 claire3 claire4 claire5 claire6 claire7 claire8

Camie Juan from Philippines (blogging from Germany)

Camie has been exploring Munich a little further, enjoying the architecture – and the yummy food!

camieejfh camiejuan23

Tina from Germany (blogging from Philippines)

Tina has been enjoying the Philippines in typical relaxed style!

tinabohol tinacebu tinadolphinsnorkel tinatina23

Today, yesterday evening she caught the ferry to Cebu! We can’t wait to see what pictures she takes of the gorgeous beaches!

Liesbet from Belgium (blogging from South Africa)

Liesbet has been enjoying a taste of South Africa (quite literally) whilst also exploring the wildlife and landscapes!

south africa southad southaff southaffc southafrica southafricas southafricaw

Didi from South Africa (blogging from Belgium)

Didi has been learning how to kite surf!


Jeremy Fowler from Canada (blogging from Malaysia)


Jeremy has blogged about his last few days (with elephants, monkeys and fireflys) on Chee’s blog! It’s so exciting to hear what he has been up to!

Chee Chingy from Malaysia (blogging from Canada)

Whilst Chee has blogged a little summary of her adventures so far!

cheechee cheechee1 cheechee2 cheechee45 cheegrandhotel cheespeed cheewhale

Follow all 16 of our winning bloggers over at the bigblogexchange.org , where all of their posts, pictures and experiences will be published daily on the wall.

Have you ever wanted to travel the world in 10 days? Do so through our bloggers eyes!

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