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Hostel Tresor: unique place opening in Slovenia!

We are  pleased to announce that new unique Hostel Tresor is opening in Ljubljana On the 1st of March!

The Hostel is situated in an old bank where offices turned into spacious rooms and atrium in the middle of the building, a lively common area where guests will be also enjoying concerts and exhibitions. Located in picturesque Ljubljana on one of the busiest streets in the city centre, after wiping out the dust and greyness of former offices, was given a whole new life with new colours and witty décor.

Color pallet and modern furnishings leave clean and open look for visual appeal with a theme reference to the old bank. Additionally, walls and floors are filled with funny quotes about money. Design elements are up-to-date with latest trends in hostel industry, from the electronic keys and automatic lights to personalized rooms and beds matching the theme e.g. dollar room and 1$ bed. In Tresor Hostels website, guests will be even able to choose their beds, according to the online plan of the room showing their exact location. Unique vault located in the basement became a breakfast area and common space.

Tresor Hostel is a comfortable accommodation preparing backpackers for discovering  city’s bustling  life, a safe place in the heart of the city centre. The mission of Tresor Hostel is to build a bridge between domestic and foreign visitors, host artists, musicians and athletes, and provide relaxed environment for all travelers.

This welcoming place is great staring point to visit beautiful Slovenia!

For more information visit Tresor Hostel’s websiteFacebook or Twitter.

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