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Paraguay: a land of undiscovered allure

Surrounded by Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina and often billed as South America’s best kept secret, Paraguay, is a country with character and charm, full of friendly and welcoming people who will gladly share a tereré upon your arrival (iced herbal tea).

Hostelling International are pleased to launch their brand new network in Paraguay and invite you to explore the country’s beauty and discover some of these fantastic highlights:


As the capital and the largest city of Paraguay, framed by the majestic Paraguay River, Asunción is a popular destination for tourists from all over the globe. Appreciate the beautiful art at Palacio de Gobierno, visit the cathedral or learn about the history of Paraguay in the Casa de la Independencia Museum. Asunción’s historical centre overlaps with vibrant streets bursting with amazing outdoor markets. Perfect to visit at any time of the year (they experience hot weather 10 months of the year), Paraguay’s capital offers something for everyone and is a place of endless nightlife and fun, referred to locally as ‘MOMO’ – Monday to Monday.

Despite Paraguay being a landlocked country, just 25km east of Asunción the popular Lake Ypacarai, can be enjoyed by people doing water sports over the whole summer period. In addition, various appealing activities take place here which is a great opportunity to relish the great landscape surrounding the lake.

Whilst in the capital, you could stay at our budget friendly – El Viajero Asunción Hostel & Suites, the only hostel in Asunción with a swimming pool and all the modern amenities which guests expect during their stay. Situated within the heart of the city centre, with the popular attractions within close proximity, the hostel makes a great base for guests wishing to explore on their own. With a number of room types, including multi-share (starting price £7.59) and private doubles (£25.29), the hostel caters for all guests who want to explore what the gorgeous city has to offer.


A city situated on the north bank of the Rio Parana, Encarnación is a place where you can experience the true power of the country’s colonial past. It is the location of a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site known as the ‘Jesuit Ruins of Trinidad and Jesus’ which you shouldn’t miss while being in Paraguay. Take a walk around this well preserved and spectacular site and absorb the history on your own.

The Chaco

As South America’s largest dry forest, located in the North West of Paraguay, The Chaco has a rich variety of plant and bird species, in addition to exciting wildlife such as pumas, tapirs, flamingos, armadillos and jaguars. If you are interested in a truly unique experience when exploring this area, you can opt for the MS Paraguay cruise boat and see the area from a different perspective. However, if you would prefer more action on your journey, you can plan your trip around the annual Trans Chaco Rally, a prominent automobile race. It is considered to be one of the most difficult, due to the dusty and dry roads and the extreme heat.

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