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Carnivals Around the World

With the definition of a Carnival quite literally meaning ‘a festival of colours’, it is no wonder they are enjoyed around the world, all year round. Exploring costume, food, art, dance and music simultaneously, being a part of a Carnival is an unforgettable experience and it can really open your eyes to new cultures and ways of living. So, with this in mind, HI has come up with a list of our favourite celebrations from around the globe:

The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the perfect place to explore the unique Brazilian culture and its beautiful attractions, including the Sugar Loaf and Corcovado where you can find the breath-taking ‘Christ the Redeemer’. In addition, Rio de Janeiro is home to Copacabana and Ipanema, two of the most popular beaches in the world, making the city the perfect location to annually host ‘The Biggest Party in the World’. More than 500,000 foreign travellers come to Rio to be a part of the 5 day celebration, characterized by its intoxicating atmosphere and unusual costumes. That speaks for itself, so be part of this year’s carnival and dance to the rhythm of samba between 8th and 12th February. – Copa Hostel

The Carnival of Nice

In Nice, people have a highly developed sense of fun! Three weeks of spectacular carnival and festivities, featuring colorful parades, lively performances, gigantic firework displays, musicians and dancers from all over the world, is just a reminder of how enjoyable life is here. The Carnival is the most popular winter event on the French Riviera which shouldn’t be missed. The theme of this year’s unforgettable experience is ‘King of the Five Continents’ and it is publicized as ‘a journey through time and space opening all perspectives to imagination’, so make sure you experience it in person between 15th February and 6th March. – Les Camélias Hostel

The Carnival of Venice

Venice, Italy is recognized for many unique and remarkable sights: its waterways, canals, gondolas, churches, and numerous museums have fascinated visitors from all around the world. The overall beauty and mystique of this place is what drives millions of people to its streets every year. One of the events which motivate travellers to come here is the Venice Carnival, a grand celebration of nothing but the best time. This isn’t a one-day thing and the fun never stops therefore you should visit Venice between 2nd and 12th February and enjoy the party on your own. – Hostel Vicenza – Olimpico

Winter Carnival in Quebec

Winter in Canada? You probably think grey skies, cold winds and freezing temperatures that should diminish people’s enthusiasm for the great outdoors, right? Wrong. Not in French-speaking Québec City, the world’s Snow Capital. Here, winter rules, more especially between 1st and 17th February when popular Winter Carnival takes place. This multi-day festival involves snow sculptures, ice castles, outdoor sports and parades. Despite of all these great attractions, the reason most people make the trip to Québec is to see Bonhomme (“snowman” in French), the official mascot of the carnival and in some ways a symbol of Québec City itself. – Quebec  City Hostel

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