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Unexpected Guest: Seal at Coles Bay YHA

Five fisherman who checked into Coles Bay YHA in Tasmania, Australia, one afternoon last week were the first to meet an unusual hostel guest on their way to dinner – a seal. When heading home from the tavern the seal was nowhere to be seen. So they settled in for the evening and were watching the Olympics when they heard someone on the balcony moving chairs and the table around. There were a few thumps on the balcony door and when they opened the curtains expecting to see a possum there was the seal.

Seal at Coles Bay

Bold as you like, laying on the outdoor table, looking directly into their unit and flapping flippers. The fishermen were entertained for 30 minutes and then it was back to the Olympics and bed. Their only complaint was that the seal was a restless sleeper and flapped and busied itself for most of the night, and judging by the amount of nose mucus on the balcony door it would have preferred to have been inside, having a coldie and watching the Olympics also.

Seal at Coles Bay 2

Eventually, it will head back to the beach and out to sea. Although, to be frank, it seems to have made Coles Bay, and particular the greenery of Iluka, it’s next home.

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