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Interview with Dr. Harish Saxena

Dr. Harish Saxena is the President of YHA India and the previous President of IYHF (International Youth Hostel Federation), a position he held for 8 years. Dr. Saxena arrived at the 49th International Conference in Slovenia as honorary past president and I took this great opportunity to ask him about his current backpacking trip across Europe.

This conference is the 80th anniversary since the very first IYHF conference which was held in Amsterdam in 1932 and to mark this occasion, Dr. Saxena embarked on his very own 80-day backpacking trip across Europe armed with simply a mobile phone and a selection of YHA directories.  He has always been a firm believer in Hostelling International’s philosophy to promote peace and International understanding and the unwavering belief that ‘wandering one gathers honey’.

I respectfully thank Dr. Saxena for taking the time to share with me his wonderful travel experiences which I am sure you will find are both truly enlightening and inspiring.


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