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Experience New York City from HI-USA Winner Tom

Last year Thomas Cox was the lucky winner of Hostelling International USA’s big competition ‘Discover America: 7 nights at a HI-USA Hostel including a European flight to the USA!’. Tom decided to go to New York City and on his return we asked Tom if he would share with us his wonderful holiday experience in the Big Apple!

Firstly it’s not easy to point out one particular highlight of our trip to New York City as there as so many exciting things that we saw and did, and whilst we were there for 4 days, we still found that we needed an extra day or 2 to really see everything else that we wanted to see. It’s a fantastic and exciting city! Whether it is walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, soaking up the energy of Times Square, walking through Central Park, visiting all the famous sights and sounds of the city, or simply exploring at your own pace, there is always something to do. With the great location of HI New York it made this very easy to do.

New York City streets

Most days for us would start with a Starbucks coffee and croissant on the go to allow us to see as much as we could. One of the highlights that I would recommend to everyone visiting would have to be the Top of the Rock. Before going to the top we understood that NYC was a big city, but to really understand how big it actually is you have to see it from that point of view (on a clear day of course). It was amazing and you could see so much from here, New Jersey, Central Park, Times Square, Brooklyn, Upper/Lower Manhattan, a must do and well worth the price!

NYC Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was another must see from up close. Beside all the boat tours you can take to get close to the Statue, we chose to take the Staten Island Ferry! It’s free and you can get quite close to it, perfect for photo opportunities and another great view looking back at Manhattan.

Manhattan boat ride

Another great aspect that I really enjoyed in NYC is the diverse selection of different cuisine. Walking around little Italy and China town and enjoying a quick lunch or dinner was great and allowed us to see different and less touristy areas of the city. Of course all of the deli’s around the city are a great option for a quick lunch, however I must say that a typical hot dog from the thousands of street vendors around the city is something that is very New York and a must try for everyone!

Discover America winners Tom and girlfriend

Many thanks Tom for sharing your experience with us! If you too would like to experience the wonders of New York City, then check out Manhattan Hostel located just 2 blocks from Central Park.

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