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Things to do in Liege as Recommended by our Hostel Guests

LiegeMeet, discover and share – that’s what travel is all about.

Since 2006, travellers who booked our hostel in Liège had the opportunity to leave ratings, comments and tips for other visitors. In 2008, bookings that were made online represented 26% of our overnight stays. In 2011, this proportion had grown to 38%! That means more and more people are given the opportunity to share their travel experience and share their opinion, even if they’re not bloggers or Internet addicts. We have welcomed people from all around the world, from a wide range of ages and cultures.

Here are the tips that were the most recommended by our guests for things to do in Liège:

  • Le Carré: District where the nightlife is terrific and almost never-ending.
  • Le Peket: Specialty includes juniper alcohol – lots of tastes for lots of fun.
  • La Batte: Sunday market along the river Meuse, about 3km long. Very colourful!
  • Festivities of 15th August: Folkloric celebrations with thousands of people gathering each year. Dozens of concerts are played in the district of Outremeuse where the hostel is located. Party time is guaranteed from 12th to 15th August!
  • La Montagne de Bueren: A street of 370 stairs going up the Citadelle. Candlelit every first Saturday in October. Panoramic view on the city from the top. You have to observe it.
  • Le boulet-frites à la liégeoise: The most typical meal of Liège: pork/beef balls with large hand-cut fried potatoes. A cheap and tasty meal.
  • Maastricht / Bruxelles / Aachen / Brugge: These cities are easily reachable from Liège and well worth a visit.
  • Le chocolat Galler: One of the famous chocolates in Belgium and recommended by the Royal Family!
  • La Gare des Guillemins: The city’s new extravagant railway station designed by Santiago Calatrava.
  • Bastogne: For its War Museum and the sadly famous Bataille des Ardennes.
  • Formula 1 Grand Prix: Each year hundreds of motor sport amateurs are stay in Liège for this world famous event. Fanatics reserve their beds almost a year in advance!

What conclusions can we come to?

Whichever part of the world they come from, people like to discover local attractions, visit interesting cities, and to party as much as possible! If you appreciate any of the above, just pay us a visit, enjoy and share with us your experience! Visit our Liège Hostel page for more guest recommendations and reviews!

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