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New Hostel Sonce Opens in the Oldest Town in Slovenia


Ptuj is the oldest town in Slovenia with evidence of inhabitants dating back to the Stone Age. The town of Ptuj has many wonderful attractions for visitors including the famous Ptuj castle, the historic old town center, Mitra shrines in Hajdina, the most beautiful Gothic church in Slovenia on Ptuj Mountain and one of the most beautiful baroque mansions in Dornava. Just before entering the oldest town in Slovenia, only 100 meters before crossing Ptuj Bridge you will find Hostel Sonce (Sun). If you are in Ptuj, or intend to visit, the hostel is on the right bank of the River Drava. In the immediate vicinity of the Hostel are many opportunities for entertainment. Only one mile away you’ll find swimming pools, golf courses and the largest artificial lake in Slovenia which offers many opportunities for recreation and water sports.

Ptuj in Slovenia (Author Husond)

Kurentovanje Festival

Kurenti v PtujuIn Ptuj each year at the end of the winter is kurentovanje – a ten day long rite of spring and fertility. It features traditional carnival masks and garments from Markovci involved in a carnival procession through the city of Ptuj. The main carnival figures are known as Kurents and traditionally were worn by unmarried men but nowadays can be worn by all men, women and children. During the procession you are likely to come across two types of Kurents, ‘feathery’ ones from the town of Markovci and ‘horned’ ones from the town of Haloze. Dressed in a massive sheepskin with a chain around the waist with huge bells, the Kurents are there to chase away winter which they do pretty successfully by making a lot of noise.

Hostel Sonce

Hostel SonceHostel Sonce (Sun) is unique, furnished in an elegant hotel style. Recently it has been carefully refurbished to offer guests internet, wireless internet, TV, air conditioning, bed linen and towels in each room. There is space at the front of the hostel for parking and rooms are available and the single, double and multi-bed rooms are all equipped with their own bathrooms and air conditioning. There are many places to meet other people, rest and relax on the balconies, terrace and communal spaces and also a large reception with hot and cold drinks available and a large screen television. Hostel Sonce (Sun) offers you a unique opportunity with views overlooking Ptuj Castle, which looks majestic both in sunshine and also in moonlight. When you visit we will be happy to offer you all the information you want about Ptuj and its surroundings. Click here for Slovenia hostels.

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