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Inspire Me Hostel Ivalo: Guesthouse Husky

Guesthouse Husky

Guesthouse Husky - FinlandGuesthouse Husky is a small, family-run hostel located just outside the town of Ivalo and 10 miles from Ivalo airport. The hostel opened in spring 2011 by Outi, Juha-Pekka and their boys and offers 6 rooms and a total of 16 beds in a beautiful wooden log cabin that blends in perfectly with Lappish nature. There are also all the facilities you would expect from one of our Finnish hostels – comfortable rooms with ensuite bathroom; washing machine and dryer in the laundry room; fully equipped kitchen and a cosy dining room warmed with a with real fire.

Husky Dogs

However, Guesthouse Husky is not just your normal hostel as next door lies their Alaskan husky farm with a total of 150 sled dogs. Guests are encouraged to visit the huskies and can go on the guided tour to learn more about the farm. Close to the guesthouse entrance will always be found cute husky puppies more than willing for some affection.

Guesthouse husky is set in beautiful forest scenery where local reindeer frequently come to visit and graze. Summer months the forest paths offer a great opportunity for exploration in the Finnish countryside, while the winder months offer an incredible snowy landscape that is perfect for travelling on skies, snowshoes or even by sledge. There will be nothing more exhilarating than a dog-powered sledge ride across the white glowing snowy landscape of Finland. This husky safari will be like no other safari you have ever been on.

Husky Sled RideNorthern LightsBecause the hostel is far from village lights, there is also a good possibility of seeing the northern lights for those interested in seeing one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. While at the hostel you will be able to enjoy free breakfast, tasty home-made food, tea and coffee all day, free interest usage and even a sauna to relax in after a day playing in the snow. The owners Outi and Juha-Pekka will also ensure your stay at the hostel will be hugely enjoyable and utterly memorable.

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