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(English) 15 hostel ice breakers

(English) The awkwardness is all in your mind.

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(English) How to explore Paris like a local

(English) We hand over to Big Blog Exchange winner Liesbet Maroye to take us through the city she knows and loves, straight from a Parisian perspective.

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(English) 15 favourite fashions of Northern Europe

(English) Some of your favourite trends, weird fads and essential accessories that are commonly found in northern Europe.

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(English) A brief guide to Edinburgh 2015

(English) We hand over to the Edinburgh experts at SYHA Hostelling Scotland to help you plan parties, festivals and cultural events this year.

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(English) 15 things to pack for your city break

(English) Here are your answers, informed by countless miles and mishaps.

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(English) Wake up somewhere new… Northern Europe!

(English) We’re offering FREE eMembership and saying bye to booking fees from now until 16th February, when you make a booking at a hostel in any of our chosen 15 cities in Northern Europe.

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