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(English) Hostels to make your football weekends in England a memorable one

(English) The wait is finally over. English football is back after an intriguing summer of transfer dealings.

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(English) Hostelympics

(English) Want to be more than a spectator of the Winter Olympics? Make your own global sporting Olympics with HI and try your hand at some Olympic sports in the world’s best snowy spots!

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(English) 5 golden World Cup moments

(English) Football and Brazil are two words that go together hand in hand so it is not hard to imagine just how big an event World Cup 2014 in Brazil is going to be. With the tournament only a few months away we at Hostelling International are going through five of the World Cup’s golden moments to get you into that footballing spirit.

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(English) How to stay healthy whilst travelling

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve let yourself go because you’re always on the run? Backpacking is certainly a fun and exciting lifestyle choice but in which there is no place for food plan or regular exercise. In this article HI has put together some easy to follow, simple tips about how to stay in shape whilst travelling.

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(English) Must-see sports around the world

If you love sport as much as you love travelling then here you have some tips when and where to go.

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