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Himeji Castle

(English) Four must-visit places in Japan

Japan is home to some of the most wonderful places on earth. There are many attractions for people who are interested in history, spirituality, art, literature, and the culture and traditions of Japan.

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(English) Unique festivals around the world

Do you fancy making your travel experience a little out of ordinary this year? Are you fed up with your rather quiet and uneventful holiday? Then, perhaps it might be worth trying to plan your trip around one of the most unique festivals around the globe. For your inspiration, we have highlighted these extremely unusual venues which can provoke various feelings ranging from joy, shock, pleasure…

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(English) Accommodation in Japan: From the Traditional to the Unusual

Travelling to Japan can be expensive and you will be spending most of your money there on transport and accommodation. Here are five types of accommodations you will only find in Japan and that will make your stay even more memorable.

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japan hostel

(English) HI Hostels in the Tohoku Region

HI Hostels in the Tohoku Region – Badly hit during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the Tohoku area is now safe and ready to welcome tourists and travellers from all around the world. Hostelling International has five hostels in this region that can be booked through

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(English) Japan: A Country Facing the Wrath of Nature

Japan has always been at the mercy of nature but this is no reason not to visit. Japan is a fantastic country, a wonderful destination with stunning landscapes, friendly and courageous people and it will be a shame to miss such a discovery.

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The Miracle One Pine Tree

(English) Raising Hope: Japan after 3.11

‘Raising Hope’ highlights how two hostels have changed irrevocably following the terrible tragedy of 3.11 and how Japan’s Tohoku region and people are now ready to stand tall again.

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Tokyo dinner sign

(English) Japan One Year On: Farewell Dinner for Earthquake Refugees

Japan One year On: Tokyo Booking Centre and JYH staff use prize money they won to hold a thank you and goodbye dinner for staff and refugees of the devastating earthquake in March 2011 at Tokyo Central YH.

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(English) Reviving Japan’s North Country

Reviving Japan’s North Country – Most parts of the Tohoku region are very safe and open for visitors to come to visit and experience the natural beauty and historical treasures of the area. Gambare Nippon!

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Tokyo by night (Credits DORONKO on Flickr)

(English) 10 free things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo’s reputation of being one of the most expensive cities in the world can be a little discouraging if you’re on a budget. Fear not, here are 10 free (or cheap) things to do Tokyo to help ease your travel expenses.

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