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Leisee ©Michael Portmann

Zermatt feiert das Matterhorn

Vor 150 Jahren wurde das Matterhorn zum ersten Mal bezwungen.

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Photo 2 - netherlands

(English) (Français) Visitez et savourez la Hollande

(English) (Français) Vous avez prévu un séjour aux Pays Bas? Bonne pioche!

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Gorgeous pink flowers in  Pamukkale

(English) A pocket-sized adventure through Turkey

(English) How you can see this incredible country through the smart phone lens.

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Madeleine Holland/Flickr

(English) Five seriously scary adrenaline experiences in New Zealand

Think you have the guts of true adrenaline junkie? Lets see how you fare against these bad boys.

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Yuval Y/Flickr

(English) Chasing the sun – Unique experiences in the southern hemisphere

As the summer sun disappears from the Northern Hemisphere, countries like Australia, New Zealand, Asia and South America are the places to visit. How about some alternatives to the usual tourist traps?

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(English) Ten reasons you need to visit Japan

There are so many reasons to go to Japan. We picked out ten from a long list.

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(English) See another side to the UK with our 5 alternative city destinations

Been to the UK? Think it’s all about London? There’s much more to this island than just the big capital.

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(English) A newbie’s guide to hostels

Staying in hostels for the first time? We’ve got you covered.

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Venezuela Barcelona copy

(English) One year, one prize, 5,000 miles – the stressful adventure of Gerson Ruiz’s iPad

This is the story of an iPad. This iPad formed a very important part of a very important membership survey by Hostelling International.

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

(English) Experience Walter Mitty’s Iceland

Find out about the filming locations of box office hit, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

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